Shape of The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky

I decided to apply Vonnegut’s Shape of Stories to The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky by Stephen Crane. The beginning of the story starts off a little above the ‘B’ axis, because clearly the couple is newly married and seems to have just come in to some money (based on the brides excitement and concern over the cost of dinner). Their story curve moves upwards some and then begins moving downward as they approach Yellow Sky and Jack worries more and more about the town’s reaction to his marriage. The curve is also moving downward because Scratchy Wilson is looking for a fight around town and Jack is the only one who can stop him, but the townspeople think he is still gone. The line plateaus for a bit because it’s “exciting” that we know Wilson and Jack are both going to Jack’s place but do not know what will happen. The shape quickly moves down when Jack and his bride arrive at Jack’s home and have guns pointed at them and then jumps back up when Wilson leaves.


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