I Tried DS106 Radio and I Liked It

So when I was reading the Weekly Assignments, I saw that we had to listen to the radio show and I was honestly a little worried. I thought it might be cheesy and maybe a little boring and man was I wrong! (and happy to be too!) I really liked listening to the stories and hearing the different ways they used audio to replace visual elements. The sound seemed to me that it should be diegetic if we had visuals which made it easier to picture the story happening. In the first story I listened too, I really enjoyed the music – it was almost ironic because it was fairly upbeat and happy, but a couple was scamming people out of their money.

After listening, I think some of my ideas in my previous post are confirmed. Audio is an essential part of any story, especially one without visuals (duh). It can be used for humor, to enhance a feeling or a mood, or simply as background music that adds depth to a story.

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