So You Think You Understand Westerns?

So I’ve been reading a few of the suggested Old West Legends, Wisdom, insults and slang and I realized there is a lot more to Westerns than people think. If you asked me before this class what I thought the main themes of westerns are I would’ve said cowboys, gun fights, tumbleweed. After doing some research I realize that while cowboys and gun fights are part of westerns, there is more to them than that. I noticed that there is generally some mention of how harsh the wilderness is (the Stephen Crane short story mentions the man has a face reddened by wind and sun) and there is almost always a setting described as desolate or barren. Another theme, which I noticed in Ice Man, is some type of restaurant or saloon in which some type of action takes place. A stand-off is another common theme among westerns. I can’t quite

While reading Ice Man and The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky I realized that Ice Man seemed to be a bit more modern in terms of the writing and how everyone spoke. It seemed as though Crane’s story was closer to what we would consider a western than Leonard’s.

So far I would have to say my favorite thing about Westerns is the insults and slang. I loved reading the page with slang, it made me pleased as a pup with two tails! 🙂