Themes in Western Designs

Looking through the posters and based on the Western genre type movies I’ve noticed a few different things.

  • Generally, in terms of color there seem to be about 4 colors that dominate in westerns and on the posters: yellow, brown, red, and black. These colors are usually in some type of hue throughout the movie.
  • Another thing I noticed in the posters is that the titles and the main characters seem to be the main focus in their design. It’s very obvious based on the posters who the main character will be.
  • Many of the scenes in westerns are fairly minimalist in terms of what’s happening on scene and the amount of stuff on scene.
  • I noticed that there are also quite a few extreme close-ups, usually of the protagonist or antagonist’s face –> generally this either makes the character seem more vulnerable or more powerful, depending on the angle