Week 8: Perfecting the Show

So this week was a lot of editing and recording for the audio show, in addition to the daily creates. I think the radio shows are a great idea and I’m pretty excited to see what others have come up with. I know one group has a murder mystery theme – which I am especially excited for. I wonder if I’ll be able to figure out who it is!

I think that our show turned out really well! As mentioned in my post about our progress, we worked well together and collaborated with basically everything. Sophia and Maria did a little editing without me, but I also did a little without them simply because of scheduling conflicts. It was fun to produce and we changed our original plan slightly once recording, but what we came up with definitely flows better.

We had to do only 2 daily creates this week, which was nice because the show was quite a bit of work. My daily creates were both fairly straightforward and simple this week, but the tongue twister did take a little time to get perfected. I was having trouble coming up with a place that started with an L to finish up the twister, and then I was like oh duh, LA. The other daily create was to come up with a cowboys thoughts from a picture of a cowboy looking at a snow covered area.

Finally, we finished up producing our radio show. The final product can be found here. The past 2 weeks doing the radio show were really exciting, and this week in particular it was nice to have some time off (in terms of the amount of work) to be able to focus on the show.


Happy 8th week everyone!