This week was really fun! I enjoyed the mashup assignments a lot. I thought they were a little more enjoyable than some of the others. That being said they were definitely a little more work than other assignments, but it was fun, so I didn’t mind. For one of my mashups, I had to take an iconic album cover and change it so that it was something different. I chose the Abbey Road album cover for The Beatles and I decided to make it look like they were on a lake walking across a bridge. This assignment was a lot more work than I anticipated – probably because I suck at photoshop, but I liked the end result. Another mashup assignment that I did was to make a scene mashup of a character from a TV show or movie. I chose to use Chandler from Friends because he is one of my favorite TV characters. It took awhile to do this one as well, but I like the way it turned out. My next assignment for the mashup was called Color Your World and involved taking pictures of a recurring color in my life and then adding a song to the compilation of pictures. The last of my 12 stars of assignments was to mashup two sports teams logos. As I mention in the post, I’m not big on sports fan so I asked a friend what his two favorite teams were and used those.

I also did two remix assignments which also were a lot of fun to do. My favorite one had me add a mustache to the assignment in whatever way I wanted to. So, I did a movie review of mustache props, and cleverly named the post I Mustache You To Read This Review. My other remix was to add a different language to the assignment. I chose to do a word cloud before the remix so it worked out well because I just added French words into my word cloud.

Next, I created a tutorial for one of my favorite assignments, Spoil A Movie in 30 Seconds or Less. This was one of my favorite assignments, and while challenging, it was also a lot of fun to do. The tutorial was slightly annoying because I had to go back and almost start from the beginning to show how I did it, but I ended up just using the undo button and redo button and taking screen shots in between.

Last but not least, are my daily creates for this week: a negative space picture of leaves and some art showing the power of 4.

I had a lot of fun doing mashups this week and discovering the remix button and how it can alter an assignment by a little or a lot depending on what you get. I hope we are doing more remix assignments in the future (although I figure if we aren’t I could just remix them myself).