Video Week Part 2 (I think…)

So this was a fairly laid back week for us all I think. I chose to do the video show which I think was a lot less stressful than doing a ton of video assignment stars, but that may be because I like the video assignments the least. We had to read about making movies the ds106 way which I thought was pretty interesting. I like that we are supposed to focus on the storytelling more than technical aspects of the videos.

This week, my group and I created our video show which ended up being a puppet show, which we worked on last week and this week. We started filming this week and did our planning last week and during the filming section. We finished up editing and tying everything together this week as well and came up with our final product! Overall, we had a ton of fun coming up with the story and filming everything, as well as editing. We did run into a few technical issues with sound and trying to change scenery without being noticed (which clearly didn’t work out), but I think it did not take away from the story itself.

Also for the week, we had to do 3 daily creates. I chose to do Wednesday, Thursday and Friday’s creates. I think that they were all pretty fun and my favorite was definitely the change of scenery one. I had a lot of fun creating an ACME product also though. I did Friday’s daily create today due to a family emergency, but I thought that was a clever one because it was April Fools, but I was surprised they didn’t have a sillier one planned.¬†This week was a lot of fun, and I liked that it was a fairly relaxed week. I’m excited to bring everything together in the next couple weeks and see what we have going on!