Week 10: A Week Full of Videos

This week was an interesting one. I had a rough start to the week with my grandpa in the ICU so I was a little distracted and it took me a little bit to get to all my assignments. Good news is I was still able to do almost everything.

We had to do 2 daily creates this week and I really liked them. I drew a picture of 2 bikers going to work together for the first one and then described supply and demand for the second one. I was going to do a different one, but I forgot to do it before the end of day :(.

The video essay was actually one of my favorite things this week to do. I chose to do a the scene from Django Unchained where Django and Shultz are rescuing Broomhilda from a plantation. The scene uses many of the ideas discussed by Ebert and I think it shows how Tohline was correct in saying that stories are told on multiple levels and people often miss the movie because they only focus on one aspect of a film.

Another assignment we had was to choose between some different video assignments. I chose to spoil a movie. I did The Prestige as you can see in the post. I had a lot of fun with this assignment. As Mason mentions in the comments, this movie is pretty underrated. I chose to do it because I think that while there are spoilers in the movie, you don’t really know what they mean unless you’ve seen the movie. I even, according to the comments, convinced someone to watch it based on the spoiler compilation.

Last but not least, The Travelin Gals are back and we are making a puppet show. We decided to create a puppet show that is a spoof of an episode of Parks and Recreation. We are setting the video in our western town and doing all sorts of things, from going to a shooting range to eating our weight in food. Stay tuned to see it next week!