Google Map Trip

For my last web assignment this week, I had to make/plan a story and use google maps to tell it.

My story begins with my cousin Brandy from Switzerland coming to visit. She hasn’t been to the US in about 7 years, so we decided to plan a trip to DC. We decide to leave my house in Fredericksburg in the morning and drive up to DC and visit a few different museums. First, we go to the Bureau of Engraving and Printing -a place I have wanted to go for a couple years now and just never got around to. Brandy and I are both excited about this because we’re both Econ nerds. After the Bureau of Engraving and printing, we go to the International Spy Museum and then the Newseum. We stay in a hotel for the night after grabbing some dinner and then get a good nights rest for the next day. We decide to go to the Holocaust museum in the morning and then get a late breakfast. After breakfast we begin our drive to the National Aquarium – one of our favorite places to go when we were younger.

Screenshot (36)


Screenshot (37)

Dream European Vacation

For my next assignment, I chose to create my dream vacation in the form of a Pinterest board. I have a Pinterest obsession, so this was not hard to do. I have ALWAYS wanted to go to Europe and visit a few different countries. I’ve specifically always wanted to go to Italy, Ireland and Scotland, so those 3 are definitely part of my trip. For the trip, I am going to Italy, Belgium, Ireland, Switzerland, and Scotland. I pinned different things like “10 Things to Do in X Country” and tips and tricks for traveling. I also of course pinned items like “The Best Places to See in X” to get a good idea.

While I know it will be an expensive trip, I hope that I can save the money to be able to go with my husband and possibly my family in the future. I want to travel between each country preferably by train, but I know that I have to make sure to plan the specific order of places accordingly. That being said, I will probably have to take a plan between one or two destinations. One of the most important part of my vacation is that I want to see all the sights, but I also want to go places that tourists don’t usually go/know about. I think that part of going somewhere is seeing all the tourist-y sights but also seeing things that are done by locals. I’m especially excited to go to Switzerland because my cousins live there and we don’t get to see them too often. You can find the board here, enjoy!

Relationship Map

For this assignment, I had to create a relationship map of whatever I wanted. I chose to do my family and friends. I created different sections for myself and my friends. I created the UMW and Roomies loop to show the connection between my friends and I. I played around with the background color and the color of the connections and the titles. I added people as connections to others when I met them through that person. For example, I met Mike through my brother Joe. This assignment was a lot of fun but also a little tricky. It took me a little rearranging to make everything look normal because the defaults made the chart look a little crazy. I also had to play around a little with Kumo some to figure out how I wanted to structure it. I could not get it to embed into this post so I just took a screenshot

Screenshot (35)

Assignment Heaven

This week, we also started using the DS106 assignment bank, which I think is amazing! I love that the assignments are made by students and rated based on their difficulty. I chose to do a visual assignment, a web assignment and a writing assignment (which is it’s own post)


For my visual assignment, I had to take a picture and change the hues to make it look different. Here is what I did! The top photo is the original!

original butterfly


The web assignment I chose was to create my dream room on Pinterest. The board is here:

I chose a layout for the room and some different furniture that I liked for it as well. I found a color scheme and bedding as well as some decorations. I chose to have a little reading nook also because I love to read and be comfortable!

I look forward to doing more of these throughout the semester!