Word Cloud

For my second remix assignment, I created a word cloud and included some words in French as well. I used text from my own Facebook site and a french paper that I had to write as well. I played around with the color a little bit and ended up using purple as a background with some brighter colors for the words. I changed the font to the cursive you see in the picture to make it a little prettier too. I really like how it came out! Here it is:

Screenshot (24)

Calling All Archers!

For the assignment, I had to create a poster for a camp I went to. To incorporate my character and Sophia’s character, Rose, I decided to create a little backstory for the friendship hinted at in our Radio Show. When we were younger, Rose and I both attended archery camp and became quick friends. Rose quickly realized how good she was at archery and is likely using some of that skill now, as an outlaw. I was never very good at archery, so while I still have my bow and arrow, I don’t bring them out very often. Here’s the poster for our camp!

I decided to keep the design pretty straightforward, so I actually found a picture from my middle school when we did archery week in PE. I used that and in Paint, added the name and time of the camp.

(note: it looks a little blurry because my original was fairly small so I made it a little larger/easier to see here)


Marlene’s Prepared for Anything

So in Marlene’s bag are quite a few interesting items…

  • scissors – because you never know when you’ll need a pair of these
  • shot glass – bartenders must always be prepared, even when they aren’t on the job
  • keys – to the saloon of course!
  • pistol – in case someone gets too rowdy at the saloon
  • money – because who doesn’t need money?
  • comb/brush – gotta make sure she looks good!
  • ds106mmmSo for this assignment I chose a purse that I thought looked kinda Western like and used that for Marlene’s bag. I photoshopped the scissors in which took me forever and here it is!

And the most beautiful cat is…

So as many of my friends are aware, I absolutely adore my cat Zeke. He’s a bengal and honestly just a beautiful cat – even when he’s destroying the house and knocking everything over. Here are a few photos of him doing all the things he loves. For the assignment, I’m basically choosing some of my favorite pictures of him. I used the Phototastic Collage app from the Windows store to make my collage. I think it turned out pretty great and definitely captures Zeke well.


Guess What?

So for this assignment, I decided to take a close up picture of something Marlene would keep in the saloon. It’s something that almost everyone coming in would use. I took the picture on a surface similar to one you would find in a saloon and tried to darken the lighting as it would be in a saloon. I think it turned out pretty well! I’m a little concerned no one will guess what it is, but I’m hoping it won’t be too hard! I really like the way the lighting changed the picture and I’m glad I took the picture in a saloon type setting.

So does anyone know this item Marlene keeps in the saloon?


It’s All About Us


Meet Sara and Jacob, a beautiful couple who are happily married. Sara and Jacob went to middle school together and quickly became best friends. In high school, Jacob asked her out and you know the rest (hint: they fall in love). They attended college in different states and while it was hard, they made it work. They got married about a month after graduation, having planned the wedding throughout the last 2 years of college. This picture was taken the summer after they both graduated. Jacob just told Sara that he bought the house of their dreams and they can move in at the end of the month.


**I found the photo on Google by typing couples in love and choosing one**