How Brown Rules My World

For my last assignment this week, I chose to do What Color is Your World? I also chose to do this assignment from Marlene’s perspective, so I tweaked the rules a little because I couldn’t take all the pictures (western scenery, horse, bull ride) myself. I’m also assuming that Marlene is able to take pictures by some means in her old western town. I took a picture of our dog food for Marlene’s dog, and some coffee which she starts her day with. I then have a picture of one of the brown bar stools that she uses at her place. I then googled and found a picture of western scenery that is outside of Marlene’s place as she is traveling to Rose’s bull riding competition. The next scene is Rose riding the bull and then a scene where she sees a few men traveling on her way back home. Once back home, there is a picture of some of the liquor offered at her tavern/bar. I used the song home on the range in the background because I thought it was fitting for the old western time.