How Brown Rules My World

For my last assignment this week, I chose to do What Color is Your World? I also chose to do this assignment from Marlene’s perspective, so I tweaked the rules a little because I couldn’t take all the pictures (western scenery, horse, bull ride) myself. I’m also assuming that Marlene is able to take pictures by some means in her old western town. I took a picture of our dog food for Marlene’s dog, and some coffee which she starts her day with. I then have a picture of one of the brown bar stools that she uses at her place. I then googled and found a picture of western scenery that is outside of Marlene’s place as she is traveling to Rose’s bull riding competition. The next scene is Rose riding the bull and then a scene where she sees a few men traveling on her way back home. Once back home, there is a picture of some of the liquor offered at her tavern/bar. I used the song home on the range in the background because I thought it was fitting for the old western time.

The Beatles Go to the Lake

My next mashup assignment involved changing up an iconic album cover. I chose to use the Abbey Road album cover and made the street water and the crosswalk a wooden bridge they have to walk across. I used GIMP again for this assignment. I changed the color of the road to be blue so that it looked like what and changed the white striped from the crosswalk to brown for wooden planks. Again, it isn’t super pretty but I think it turned out pretty good!


I also changed the name to Abbey Lake instead of Abbey Road.


Capital Wizards

For my next assignment, I chose to mashup two different sports team logos. I decided to use the curly W for the nationals and the Wizards logo for mine. I’m not super into sports so I just asked a friend what his two favorite sports were  and decided to use those logos. I used Gimp to remove the W from the middle of the Wizards logo and then added a layer that was the curly W. I had to make the background of the curly W image transparent and scale it so it was small enough to fit where the W is. I then used the paint bucket to change the color and make it as close to the blue in the wizards image as I could. While it wasn’t super creative in terms of the logos I could’ve used, it was challenging to combine them and remove the background around the original logo images (I’m super challenged with photo-shop related things). Here’s the final product!


Chandler Mashup

For this assignment, I had to create a mashup of one of my favorite characters and some scenes they have been in. I chose to do Chandler from Friends because he’s awesome. I chose a bunch of my favorite scene’s of him. My all time favorite is when he gets stuck in an ATM vestibule with a Victoria’s Secret model and freaks out. I made a small title screen and used scene’s from our Friends DVDs in Windows Movie Maker.