The Murder Most Foul

Here it is! The final product. The story begins with this audio of someone killing Marlene in her tavern.

After the shooting, the killer runs away and the police come shortly after the call. They come and ask any witnesses if they saw anything – everyone claims that they saw nothing and don’t know what happened. Police leave empty handed, unsure what happened to Marlene. They continue with their investigation for the next 2 days and receive a note from the killer. The killer wrote the note in the form of a haiku and used it to taunt the police. Screenshot (38)

Once they received the note, they were able to retrieve a finger print from it. Using the print they discover that the killers name is Kevin McLeane; using this information they discover that Marlene had been chatting with him on an internet site. They pull up his profile and find that he’s connected to some people that have recently frequented Marlene’s tavern.


Upon realizing that Marlene’s murder may not have been random, the police begin investigating McLeane and some of his friends. They discover that McLeane and two other men are involved in a crime ring with a few others. The men control a few people under them, some of whom the police are able to identify, others they cannot. The one person they have not been able to identify is the boss of the crime ring. They know that he generally wears a top hot like hat and is tall but that’s it.

Police Board

Throughout their investigation, they arrest some of the people in the crime ring – the names of which have not been released. The map above shows each person and how they are associated with each other. Kevin McLeane is arrested and charged with Marlene’s murder – but the police still haven’t been able to determine why she was killed. Hopefully they will find out in trial.


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