Behind the Scenes: The Murder Most Foul

I chose to do a little behind the scenes for my final just to discuss how everything was done. I was going to put it in the most with my final, but I thought that would be kinda distracting/annoying. To begin, I first thought of a general story line which was part of last weeks post about my progress. Once I did that, I created the different types of media. I used writing, visual, web, and audio assignments in my final product.

For the first part, I created the audio of Marlene’s death and the following 911 call. I used sounds from the stock sound site we used earlier in the course. It begins with the sound of horses and then a person walking into Marlene’s tavern. You hear a scream and then hear Marlene being shot followed by screams from the crowd and a frantic 911 call.

Next, I created a haiku that acted as a note from Marlene’s killer. The note ends up being a little ironic because it leads to the killers capture. The haiku was fun to make also!

After those I created a web page for the killer. I used XRay Goggles to change Facebook as much as I could. This was a challenge because there was so much going on on Facebook that I couldn’t change as much as I would’ve liked. I had to take a screen shot and do a lot of editing in photoshop to change names (on chat) and the picture.

For the final piece of media, I created a crime board of the suspect and his other acquaintances. The police realize he is part of a large crime ring, so the board got a little larger than I originally planned on. I used stock images from Google for the people and made up some names for a couple guys. Many people do not have names because they are unknown as of their investigation.

How Do I DS106?

So this post is for all the newbies in the new DS106 class or those of you that joined of your own free will. During the course of the semester, these are some things that I learned/ thought everyone would like to know:

  • Just because you aren’t very artistic does NOT mean you won’t like/do well in this course – I am pretty terrible with art, but I did well and enjoyed the class
  • Don’t stress out – a good rule of thumb for anything
  • USE the resourced provided to you – this one may seem like a no brainer but there are probably people that didn’t use them and should have. They make the course a little easier and have useful tips!
  • Don’t wait until the end of the week to do everything – while this is possible to do, you can imagine it would be easier to spread things out a bit (it also results in less stress for you later)
  • Have fun! Think outside the box when it comes to the assignments – you have pretty free reign in terms of interpreting the assignments, especially ones from the assignment bank
  • When you’re using something that you never have before, try and take some time to learn the program so you can hone your skills a little – I didn’t do this and I think that it would’ve made some of my final products a little better
  • Don’t be afraid to be a little cheesy – sometimes it’s really fun
  • Embrace the theme! Whatever it is, it’s important throughout the semester, so embrace it, even if you aren’t a fan of it.
  • Have some fun – a cheesy, but necessary piece of advice. I believe this class can easily be your favorite if you just have fun with it!

Good luck future DS106ers!

The Murder Most Foul

Here it is! The final product. The story begins with this audio of someone killing Marlene in her tavern.

After the shooting, the killer runs away and the police come shortly after the call. They come and ask any witnesses if they saw anything – everyone claims that they saw nothing and don’t know what happened. Police leave empty handed, unsure what happened to Marlene. They continue with their investigation for the next 2 days and receive a note from the killer. The killer wrote the note in the form of a haiku and used it to taunt the police. Screenshot (38)

Once they received the note, they were able to retrieve a finger print from it. Using the print they discover that the killers name is Kevin McLeane; using this information they discover that Marlene had been chatting with him on an internet site. They pull up his profile and find that he’s connected to some people that have recently frequented Marlene’s tavern.


Upon realizing that Marlene’s murder may not have been random, the police begin investigating McLeane and some of his friends. They discover that McLeane and two other men are involved in a crime ring with a few others. The men control a few people under them, some of whom the police are able to identify, others they cannot. The one person they have not been able to identify is the boss of the crime ring. They know that he generally wears a top hot like hat and is tall but that’s it.

Police Board

Throughout their investigation, they arrest some of the people in the crime ring – the names of which have not been released. The map above shows each person and how they are associated with each other. Kevin McLeane is arrested and charged with Marlene’s murder – but the police still haven’t been able to determine why she was killed. Hopefully they will find out in trial.


For information on how the content was made see this post.

The Final Product

I’ve been thinking about the final project throughout the week and trying to figure out what I want to do. I was watching some SVU and How To Get Away With Murder, and thought that it would be cool to do a murder mystery type thing with a twist.

To start my story I want to begin with the killing of a young women and use an audio assignment to portray the person who finds the body and calls 911. Once the police arrive, they will investigate the crime scene and return back to the station

Once at the station, the police will create a crime board – but with a twist. The crime board is a design assignment, that will obviously come in handy for this project. I think I may actually create the crime board and potentially round up a few friends to be the detectives if they aren’t too busy. A few days after the initial murder, the police will receive a note from the killer – hinting that this was not a random event.

After receiving the letter and investigating, the police determine that the girl had gone to meet someone she had met online – and he was likely the killer. I plan to create my own Facebook page using the xray goggles (which were really cool and I want to use more of).

I’m not sure yet where I’ll go from there, but I’m hoping to get a little feedback/ constructive criticism and figure it out!


PS. My character is part of the assignment, I just haven’t told you all how yet!

Google Map Trip

For my last web assignment this week, I had to make/plan a story and use google maps to tell it.

My story begins with my cousin Brandy from Switzerland coming to visit. She hasn’t been to the US in about 7 years, so we decided to plan a trip to DC. We decide to leave my house in Fredericksburg in the morning and drive up to DC and visit a few different museums. First, we go to the Bureau of Engraving and Printing -a place I have wanted to go for a couple years now and just never got around to. Brandy and I are both excited about this because we’re both Econ nerds. After the Bureau of Engraving and printing, we go to the International Spy Museum and then the Newseum. We stay in a hotel for the night after grabbing some dinner and then get a good nights rest for the next day. We decide to go to the Holocaust museum in the morning and then get a late breakfast. After breakfast we begin our drive to the National Aquarium – one of our favorite places to go when we were younger.

Screenshot (36)


Screenshot (37)

Stories in Creations

I decided to make my story about the two lovely people in the photo from the daily create Thursday. George is comforting Martha after they’ve had a fight about where to go on vacation. George wants to do a stay-cation, but Martha would rather go somewhere new and exciting. George brings Martha flowers to make her feel better and tell her they can go anywhere she wants.

Martha thinks about it for awhile and decides that she wants to go to Italy and visit her distant cousins. They book their tickets and head to Italy two weeks later. While there they visit multiple sights including the National Gallery of Modern Art in Rome. They also decide to be a little adventurous and take an art class one night at the gallery.

For the art class, Martha and George were taught how to paint a tree blossoming over the water. Martha loved the class and wants to continue painting once they return home. You can see her finished picture below. After a week and a half with her cousins, Martha and George return home.

Dream European Vacation

For my next assignment, I chose to create my dream vacation in the form of a Pinterest board. I have a Pinterest obsession, so this was not hard to do. I have ALWAYS wanted to go to Europe and visit a few different countries. I’ve specifically always wanted to go to Italy, Ireland and Scotland, so those 3 are definitely part of my trip. For the trip, I am going to Italy, Belgium, Ireland, Switzerland, and Scotland. I pinned different things like “10 Things to Do in X Country” and tips and tricks for traveling. I also of course pinned items like “The Best Places to See in X” to get a good idea.

While I know it will be an expensive trip, I hope that I can save the money to be able to go with my husband and possibly my family in the future. I want to travel between each country preferably by train, but I know that I have to make sure to plan the specific order of places accordingly. That being said, I will probably have to take a plan between one or two destinations. One of the most important part of my vacation is that I want to see all the sights, but I also want to go places that tourists don’t usually go/know about. I think that part of going somewhere is seeing all the tourist-y sights but also seeing things that are done by locals. I’m especially excited to go to Switzerland because my cousins live there and we don’t get to see them too often. You can find the board here, enjoy!

Relationship Map

For this assignment, I had to create a relationship map of whatever I wanted. I chose to do my family and friends. I created different sections for myself and my friends. I created the UMW and Roomies loop to show the connection between my friends and I. I played around with the background color and the color of the connections and the titles. I added people as connections to others when I met them through that person. For example, I met Mike through my brother Joe. This assignment was a lot of fun but also a little tricky. It took me a little rearranging to make everything look normal because the defaults made the chart look a little crazy. I also had to play around a little with Kumo some to figure out how I wanted to structure it. I could not get it to embed into this post so I just took a screenshot

Screenshot (35)

Dabbling In Web Design

For my web re-design I decided to use an Amazon page of a cookbook and change it to be opposite of what it should be. I used the cookbook Healthy Cookbook for Two and made it an unhealthy cookbook. I changed the name of the book to Unhealthy Cookbook For You and Your Significant Others, which is a little lengthy, but I liked it. I changed the author of the book to be myself and changed the suggestions to other unhealthy cookbooks as well. I could now change the section under From the Editors of The NY Times…or I would have changed it and made it include more information on the unhealthy books. You can find the live page here, but I noticed that it looked weird so I also included these screenshots of it. I wish I could’ve done a little more but I couldn’t change a lot on this page unfortunately.

Screenshot (32)

Screenshot (33)

I took both of these screenshots


This week was really fun! I enjoyed the mashup assignments a lot. I thought they were a little more enjoyable than some of the others. That being said they were definitely a little more work than other assignments, but it was fun, so I didn’t mind. For one of my mashups, I had to take an iconic album cover and change it so that it was something different. I chose the Abbey Road album cover for The Beatles and I decided to make it look like they were on a lake walking across a bridge. This assignment was a lot more work than I anticipated – probably because I suck at photoshop, but I liked the end result. Another mashup assignment that I did was to make a scene mashup of a character from a TV show or movie. I chose to use Chandler from Friends because he is one of my favorite TV characters. It took awhile to do this one as well, but I like the way it turned out. My next assignment for the mashup was called Color Your World and involved taking pictures of a recurring color in my life and then adding a song to the compilation of pictures. The last of my 12 stars of assignments was to mashup two sports teams logos. As I mention in the post, I’m not big on sports fan so I asked a friend what his two favorite teams were and used those.

I also did two remix assignments which also were a lot of fun to do. My favorite one had me add a mustache to the assignment in whatever way I wanted to. So, I did a movie review of mustache props, and cleverly named the post I Mustache You To Read This Review. My other remix was to add a different language to the assignment. I chose to do a word cloud before the remix so it worked out well because I just added French words into my word cloud.

Next, I created a tutorial for one of my favorite assignments, Spoil A Movie in 30 Seconds or Less. This was one of my favorite assignments, and while challenging, it was also a lot of fun to do. The tutorial was slightly annoying because I had to go back and almost start from the beginning to show how I did it, but I ended up just using the undo button and redo button and taking screen shots in between.

Last but not least, are my daily creates for this week: a negative space picture of leaves and some art showing the power of 4.

I had a lot of fun doing mashups this week and discovering the remix button and how it can alter an assignment by a little or a lot depending on what you get. I hope we are doing more remix assignments in the future (although I figure if we aren’t I could just remix them myself).