Who’s the Boss?

For this assignment, I created a crimeboard that is related to my earlier post about the seven characters and their story. I added in a little twist though – Bonnie Sue, a sheriffs wife, is linked to Andy, a bank robber, but we don’t know why. I used a corkboard picture from Google, to create the board and added in a picture of a post it that I took. I had to cut around the picture, which as you can see was not 100% successful, but I think it looks okay. I then added each person to the board and connected them accordingly. Since I don’t have pictures of each character, I used a symbol or Google pic to represent them.

Here’s the final product!



For this assignment, I created a wanted poster for Sam Bass. Sam Bass started out pretty small and robbed a few thousand from his employers with a buddy. Then he decided to move on to robbing stagecoaches. After awhile he decided to try train robbery and eventually ended up pulling off the largest robbery in the Union pacific. The reward is large for this guy! Hopefully he doesn’t run into Marlene! I decided to stay fairly simplistic and keep the design straightforward and easy to read. wantedposter

Edward Scissorhands

This assignment was a lot of fun! I had to create a minimalist movie poster. I chose to do Edward Scissorhands. In order to try and capture the meaning of the movie, I decided to use his scissorhand (because obviously, that’s what the movie is about). In paint, I pasted the image I found on google and cut around them to fit them onto the poster. I chose a dark red for the font to go with the destruction aspect of the movie (and all the blood). I had a great time creating it and it took me longer than expected to decide exactly what I wanted to do. I thought about having his scissor hand go through some type of barrier but realized my skills are not advanced enough to make that look good yet (maybe another time). Here’s the final product:


Donut Cheerios!

For this assignment, I had to recreate a cereal box in some way. I decided to make donut cheerios…which would be delicious. I used a picture of doughnuts that I found on Google and a cheerio box as well. I decided to keep the design fairly simple and my photo shopping skills obviously need some work, but overall I think it turned out fairly well. I had to find a font as similar to the cheerios font as I could and I think it works pretty well even though it’s not quite the same.


Need Some Inspiration?

So for this assignment, I decided to go pretty simplistic. I am a huge fan of inspirational quotes – like I’m the person with those little wooden things that have quotes on them. I used a picture that I stumbled upon one day awhile ago. I felt the picture was appropriate for the quote because it looks like something that is impossible. It’s this beautiful bridge in Florida (along the keys) that’s 7 miles long. The quote is by John Muir and has been a favorite of mine for awhile now – I thought of it almost immediately after reading the assignment to make an inspirational quote “poster”. I used paint to create the poster itself. Enjoy!

Motivational Poster