3 New Creates

This week, we had to do 3 daily creates (as everyone knows, I’m sure). I did Wednesday, Thursday and Friday’s creates, though Friday was a day late.

For Wednesday, we got to create an ACME product for the Coyote. I chose to put a new spin on a stopwatch and make it possible to slow down time! I drew a little poster for it to promote it


For Thursday, we had to re-create Monument Valley to make it surrealistic. I chose to change the coloring/lighting a little bit and then add some light swirls to make it seem like it came out of Star Wars. Here’s the final product:

Friday (April fools) we had to take a serious selfie. I took a selfie at the hospital, visiting my grandpa. There’s some pretty interesting scenery in the background (not).


24/7 Lecture and More

So this week we had to do 2 daily creates. I chose to do the National Bike to Work day create which was to make art with your bike. Since my bike is dead, I decided to draw some bikes. While my drawing skills are not the best, I thought it turned out fairly well.

For the second one, we had to create a 24/7 lecture which is giving a lecture in 24 seconds and then summarizing it in 7 words. I chose to describe supply and demand. I had to talk a little fast to get it in but I think it turned out well. I drew the graphs as well. I used windows movie maker to narrate my voice over the graphs I drew and put it all together.



This week, we had to do 3 daily creates.

For my first create, I chose to bury passive aggressive Facebook posts, because who wants those…ever? I used a photo of a blank tombstone from Google and added in the words using Paint. I posted this the day after because I forgot to hit the submit button and noticed it after posting my daily create for the next day.

For the next create, I had to make a gif of the great train robbery. I chose a part fairly close to the beginning where the 2 guys are tying up the man at the station. I chose the caption “oh no, he fell!” to add a little humor to it.

For the last daily create, we had to explain the aphorism “Never throw tapioca down a mine shaft”. I decided to take it as though the tapioca was already made and since I love tapioca, I thought it would be because the miners would eat all of it and be too full to work.


The Newest Creations

This week we had to complete 2 daily creates. I chose to create a tongue twister and make up thoughts that a man from a picture was having.

For the tongue twister, we had to look at the ds106 hashtag on twitter and find someone who was on their. I chose Lindsey and made a tongue twister using L’s. I wanted to make it a little longer, but it was not easy to come up with L words in a long string. I do like the final product though!

I also tweeted a cowboys thoughts. I was looking at the snow and the hills and I kind of got the idea that this cowboy was surveying the area around him to try and figure out where/what he was going to do next. I figured he would travel with some horses, so the height of the snow was definitely a concern.

I’m excited to see what’s in store this week for daily creates!

Three New Creations

This week, we had to complete 3 daily creates. I think this week they were a little easier than some of the previous weeks, but I was okay with it because it has been a ROUGH week work-load wise. The first daily create I did was to take a selfie when it was 1:06 – pretty straightforward. I was clearly real excited in the picture!

The second daily create was a triple cowboy quote. We had to take a picture of a western figure, add a quote that was related to them and attribute the quote to someone else related. I chose to use Butch Cassidy and I used a quote from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, spoken by the sundance kid. I attributed the quote to Sandra Pollack because Robert Redford (played Sundance in the movie), often starred in films with her.

The final daily create is from today! I had to make a foley western sound. I used a paper popper to create the sound of a gunshot, as you can see it doesn’t sound exactly like a gunshot but I think with the right editing, it could get pretty close!


Creating Daily

So this week the daily creates were pretty fun, even if the last one was a little challenging because I was not sure what stop motion was.

For my first daily create, we had to decide whether or not something was half empty or half full. I chose half full, of course! I even played around a little with the contrast in honor of becoming a better photographer.

My second daily create of the week had me making an oregon trail screen. I chose the screen of my tombstone; my death was the result of stress from being unable to finish my assignments, which I thought was pretty clever 😉

For the last daily create, I had to create art in a stop motion video. Here is the end result, not quite 6 seconds, but I tried..I could not figure out how to write something while posting from vine to twitter so I had to send it in a convo to the Daily Create twitter.

I’m really looking forward to the daily creates for next week!