Marlene Got A Theme

For this assignment, you have to find your theme song. I decided that instead of doing mine, I would find Marlene her own song! I chose this song because it starts off kind of dark and mysterious and then gets fast paced, which is what Marlene’s life is doing now. When I introduced her, I mentioned that she works in a saloon and all that and alluded to something going on behind the scenes, but didn’t specify what. The plot thickened some in the sound effects story, so I thought a theme that followed these trends was only fitting. I used Audacity and added the violin to the song (from that free sound website) and played around a little with the guitar later on, but I thought for the most part, the theme was pretty spot on. Enjoy!

Guess What Song

So for this assignment, I chose one of my favorite songs ever and I’m hoping you guys can guess it! It’s kind of an old song (think like middle/early high school), but it’s SO GREAT. I used Audacity to remove the lyrics which was not very easy to do. I had to re-do it a couple times to get it to sound okay. Now because it is an older song, I will give you a couple hints:

  • this band is still around today (and still wonderful)
  • they’re a boy band
  • they would be considered pop punk/alternative

Comment below and let me know what you guys think! 🙂


Radio Bumper

This assignment was pretty fun! I re-did my recording like 8 times probably because I kept saying something strange or something that didn’t make any sense. I ended up just keeping it pretty simple, but I like the way it turned out. I used a guitar sound from freesound for the background and talked over it to make the bumper. Using Audacity, I uploaded the guitar noise and made my recording and mixed the tracks.


30 Seconds: All About Me

This assignment was pretty nerve racking. I felt like I was actually doing speed dating when I was talking and trying to figure out what to say in 30 seconds. I kind of winged it because if I were to try speed dating I definitely would change what I say with every person, so I thought that would be a good way to make this more realistic. As you guys can hear, it turned out a little awkward, but that’s okay because who isn’t awkward with only 30 seconds to introduce and make a good impression?


Mashed potat….songs

For this assignment I had to choose an artist and pick at least 5 of their songs and create a mashup, at least 5 minutes long. I chose to do New Politics for this because I’m fairly obsessed with them and it happened pretty quickly…I saw them live and fell in love. So while they are not my all time favorite band, they’re a current favorite for sure.

I used audacity to mix the songs and I started by listening to each song all the way through and then looking for places where I could combine them. If the time requirement was a little shorter, I definitely would’ve chosen mashing points in other places. I played around with cutting and pasting in audacity and actually had a little trouble getting it to work at first, but about 45 minutes later, I was pretty happy with the result. The last two mashes were a little rough to coordinate, but I think they still work for the most part. Hope you guys like it!


You Make My Dreams Come True

So for this assignment, while it might be cheesy, I chose Hall & Oates song You Make My Dream Come True

Listen here about why I love the song so much! I had a lot of fun choosing a song, but in the end it came down to this one just because of how it makes me feel and how fun it is 🙂

**I linked the video from YouTube because it would not let me add a soundcloud and the video**


Marlene’s Bad Day

So for this assignment, we had to create a story using ONLY sound effects. At first, I was a little worried about it, but once I started thinking about it, I had a pretty good time. My original idea was kind of a horror but I adapted it to fit into my character Marlene’s story. I used freesound to find all the effects I needed and Audacity to put everything together. I was pretty stoked when I realized how user-friendly Audacity is. I gathered about 8 sounds in total but only ended up using 6 and a small 7th. I had to play around with discovering how to get the tracks to play at different times but once I figured that out, it was pretty simple. I hope you guys enjoy! The story behind the sounds is below the recording!

As you listen to the story you’ll hear horses galloping and coming to a stop. Then the door to Marlene’s tavern opening and some background bar/tavern sounds. The footsteps continue and a guitar begins to play some music. Suddenly, you hear a woman scream and then a gunshot followed by footsteps. Can you guess what has happened in Marlene’s tavern?