Week One Reflections

So this week was pretty interesting. I thought I was fairly computer savvy but I definitely had some trouble with embedding the links. I am pretty excited to get more into the class though; I had friends that took it last semester and loved it. I learned how to use YouTube and Soundcloud – two forms of media I’ve never used for creative purposes.

I was especially amazed by how easy it has been to create a blog with WordPress, even though I’m still figuring out how to customize everything. Learning my way around was pretty easy though!

I am pretty excited to be learning about westerns. I took a film class my senior year of high school and we touched on the western genre some. But the only western movies I’ve really actually seen are Star Wars, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (which I loved!) and Back to the Future III which isn’t very western. Generally, when I think about westerns I think about the traditional standoff with two cowboys on either side of the room and suspenseful music playing. In terms of the course, I’m excited to watch more films, specifically the comedy westerns.


I look forward to a fun semester, learning how to use different forms of media!


2 thoughts on “Week One Reflections”

  1. It’s always good to have people who know what they’re getting into in the class. The theme is different this time around, but the type of work we will be doing is the same.

  2. I am very interested in the why. Why was this short history of cattle business such a source for stories and movies and myth? Was it to neglect te Civil War (that was about the same time)

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