The Thirteenth Week

This week was all about storytelling and the web. I had a lot of fun with the web assignments this week. I chose to do my dream vacation, a relationship map and a google maps story. I really enjoyed doing all three assignments but my favorite was the dream vacation. I never really thought about where I would go if I was taking a trip and could choose everything and how long I go, etc. Of course, I’ve imagined a dream vacation, but never actually planned it out. I took a little time to plan the trip – but ignored an important detail of which place to go when because that takes the fun out of it. I found different pins on Pinterest that I was interested in doing in each place. I would be most excited to go to Switzerland and be able to see my cousins.

Another story I had to tell this week involved the daily creates for the week. ¬†For my story, I used the creates from this week – they ended up working out in my favor and made for a pretty good story. I used a picture of a couple that I named George and Martha (Washington, of course) and went from that. I had them go on a vacation (shoutout to whoever did the vacation assignment and got my mind on vacations) to the spot I chose that I wasn’t sure if I could go to. Then I had them do a little art on their trip because who doesn’t want to paint in an actual art gallery? I had a lot of fun creating this story and I think it turned out pretty well.

Last but not least this week, I used the X-Ray Goggles to re-design a webpage. I struggled a little with this because my page was a little uncooperative with the larger changes – I made the smaller changes first and then realized that I couldn’t change some bigger things but decided not to switch because I had already committed. I decided to do an opposite of the page I used – a page of a healthy cookbook for couples/pairs. I made it unhealthy and changed the author and title, as well as the suggested books to buy with it.


Happy Friday everyone!

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