Audio Party

So as you all know, this week we were focusing on audio in storytelling. I think so far this has been my favorite week. I really enjoyed focusing on audio in the movies and radio involving westerns. As I mentioned in my post, I really enjoy the way most westerns use diegetic and other sounds to make the story seem more real/authentic. I’m a huge fan of the story being as real as possible. Obviously there would be an exception for a spaghetti western or something more comedic, but even those use sound fairly effectively from what I’ve noticed. I also really enjoyed doing all the audio assignments, I think those have been my favorite so far the past few weeks. 🙂 My favorite assignment this week was definitely the sound effects story. I love the way mine turned out and I had a lot of fun doing it.I decided to make it into a mystery and try and have you all guess what happens next, which I’m really glad I did.

The daily create assignments this week were also pretty fun! I really enjoyed the one where we had to create an invention. I got my idea from the movie Flubber and thought a breakfast machine would be such a great idea – mostly because I love breakfast, but who wants to get up early enough to make a waffle? No one.

Overall, I had a lot of fun this week playing around with audio and creating different things from a mashup to a radio bumper. I liked that we used ds106 radio to familiarize ourselves with it before we go further with it. I also thought it was a great way for us to think more about audio and it’s role in telling a story. I think Audacity is a great tool and I’m glad we are using it because I used it in high school (even though I didn’t quite remember everything). I’m looking forward to next week and what we’ll be focusing on!

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