Audio Party: The Radio Show

So for this week, we started planning out our radio shows. I’m working with Sophia and Maria to create an awesome radio show about traveling! We decided to use GoogleDocs to plan and come up with ideas and it worked out pretty well, as mentioned in the post. I’m pretty excited to get started recording and come up with the final product!

The audio assignments this week were all a lot more bearable than I expected – I had some fun with them, especially incorporating Marlene! This week, she got her own theme song and created a little rhythm herself one day when the saloon was slow!

The daily creates this week were fun as well! I chose to do the one where it’s 1:06 somewhere, the triple cowboy quote and create a foley western sound. I think they turned out pretty well! I had the most fun with the cowboy quote one – I like that you could go pretty out of the box with it :). I was upset that I missed the one for Wednesday though, it sounded like it would be really cool!

Have a great break everyone!

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