So You Think You Understand Westerns?

So I’ve been reading a few of the suggested Old West Legends, Wisdom, insults and slang and I realized there is a lot more to Westerns than people think. If you asked me before this class what I thought the main themes of westerns are I would’ve said cowboys, gun fights, tumbleweed. After doing some research I realize that while cowboys and gun fights are part of westerns, there is more to them than that. I noticed that there is generally some mention of how harsh the wilderness is (the Stephen Crane short story mentions the man has a face reddened by wind and sun) and there is almost always a setting described as desolate or barren. Another theme, which I noticed in Ice Man, is some type of restaurant or saloon in which some type of action takes place. A stand-off is another common theme among westerns. I can’t quite

While reading Ice Man and The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky I realized that Ice Man seemed to be a bit more modern in terms of the writing and how everyone spoke. It seemed as though Crane’s story was closer to what we would consider a western than Leonard’s.

So far I would have to say my favorite thing about Westerns is the insults and slang. I loved reading the page with slang, it made me pleased as a pup with two tails! 🙂

The Week Full of Exploring and Creating

Happy week two everyone!

This week was a lot better than last for me, I played around with WordPress some and got the lay of the land figured out (I think). I had a lot of fun with the Daily Creates on Twitter (check them out, here!) Sorry you all had to experience my artistic struggle with the drawing. The first daily create, I took maybe a little too literally but I figured it still explained the quote, so I went with it! For the second, I got to color a cow! I was real excited about this one, because I love cows, like a lot. I just kinda went with my imagination and chose random colors for him. The third one was another pretty simple one, we just had to knock on something with some sort of pattern. Overall, I enjoyed doing the Daily Create assignments! I thought they were fun, quick little things that you can get done with simple tools.

The Assignment Bank assignments were a little different, but I love them because they’re all made by people for other people to do! I love that idea, mostly because the assignments are created by us which I think makes them more fun and relatable. I chose a Visual, Web and Writing assignment for this week. My visual assignment involved taking a photo and changing the color and hue to make it look totally different. I used a picture of a garden decoration shaped like a butterfly that I took from underneath (so you can see the sky). I darkened it some and then brightened the pink in the clouds. I changed the hue around and honestly just moved the dial until I thought it looked pretty. I used the editing software that came with my surface, not sure what it’s called. My web assignment was my favorite, by far! I got to create my dream room on Pinterest (which I’m obsessed with). I had a lot of fun searching through bedroom ideas and furniture to find things I liked. I think once I have the money and time to actually decorate my own room, it’s going to be a problem getting everything to match and go together. The last assignment, I wrote about freshman move in day, which was a pretty chill day! I also added a little picture of Bushnell and circled my room, for reference.

I got to know a little more about WordPress and my chosen theme this week as well. I added two new pages including and About page. I also officially named my blog (yay!)!I explored the assignment bank as well and tagged some assignments that looked interesting for the future. I’m excited to see what the Daily creates have in store for us this week too!

I Like to Move It, Move It

4 years ago, I moved into Bushnell Hall for my first year at UMW (wow, I’m getting old)

It was a surprisingly pretty day outside besides being extremely warm. My dad, stepmom and sisters dropped me off and helped me unpack the cars and get everything in the room. My roommate and friend, Valeria had already moved all her stuff in so I just had to unpack and get settled. My family and I went to lunch at Pueblos, which is still one of my favorite places in Fredvegas to eat Mexican food (which is my favorite). After lunch, they headed out and I began unpacking my stuff. That day feels pretty surreal now that I’ve moved into another dorm and then a house of my own (with my roomies, of course). The best part of the day was getting everything settled and seeing how proud the family was of me ( I’m also the first one to go to college).


Assignment Heaven

This week, we also started using the DS106 assignment bank, which I think is amazing! I love that the assignments are made by students and rated based on their difficulty. I chose to do a visual assignment, a web assignment and a writing assignment (which is it’s own post)


For my visual assignment, I had to take a picture and change the hues to make it look different. Here is what I did! The top photo is the original!

original butterfly


The web assignment I chose was to create my dream room on Pinterest. The board is here:

I chose a layout for the room and some different furniture that I liked for it as well. I found a color scheme and bedding as well as some decorations. I chose to have a little reading nook also because I love to read and be comfortable!

I look forward to doing more of these throughout the semester!

Creating New Things, Day by Day

So this week I had to use daily create for the first time! Using Twitter, I found a couple cool ones. I forgot to tweet at them for the first one, because I got too excited. These are the daily creates I chose!


Obviously, I have horrible artistic skills when it comes to drawing…

My beautiful cow, which I painted with Paint on my Surface (with my new surface pen 🙂 )

and finally, the most recent one:

I really enjoyed these! I thought they were good, fun assignments to do real quick every day!


Week One Reflections

So this week was pretty interesting. I thought I was fairly computer savvy but I definitely had some trouble with embedding the links. I am pretty excited to get more into the class though; I had friends that took it last semester and loved it. I learned how to use YouTube and Soundcloud – two forms of media I’ve never used for creative purposes.

I was especially amazed by how easy it has been to create a blog with WordPress, even though I’m still figuring out how to customize everything. Learning my way around was pretty easy though!

I am pretty excited to be learning about westerns. I took a film class my senior year of high school and we touched on the western genre some. But the only western movies I’ve really actually seen are Star Wars, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (which I loved!) and Back to the Future III which isn’t very western. Generally, when I think about westerns I think about the traditional standoff with two cowboys on either side of the room and suspenseful music playing. In terms of the course, I’m excited to watch more films, specifically the comedy westerns.


I look forward to a fun semester, learning how to use different forms of media!