This week was really fun! I enjoyed the mashup assignments a lot. I thought they were a little more enjoyable than some of the others. That being said they were definitely a little more work than other assignments, but it was fun, so I didn’t mind. For one of my mashups, I had to take an iconic album cover and change it so that it was something different. I chose the Abbey Road album cover for The Beatles and I decided to make it look like they were on a lake walking across a bridge. This assignment was a lot more work than I anticipated – probably because I suck at photoshop, but I liked the end result. Another mashup assignment that I did was to make a scene mashup of a character from a TV show or movie. I chose to use Chandler from Friends because he is one of my favorite TV characters. It took awhile to do this one as well, but I like the way it turned out. My next assignment for the mashup was called Color Your World and involved taking pictures of a recurring color in my life and then adding a song to the compilation of pictures. The last of my 12 stars of assignments was to mashup two sports teams logos. As I mention in the post, I’m not big on sports fan so I asked a friend what his two favorite teams were and used those.

I also did two remix assignments which also were a lot of fun to do. My favorite one had me add a mustache to the assignment in whatever way I wanted to. So, I did a movie review of mustache props, and cleverly named the post I Mustache You To Read This Review. My other remix was to add a different language to the assignment. I chose to do a word cloud before the remix so it worked out well because I just added French words into my word cloud.

Next, I created a tutorial for one of my favorite assignments, Spoil A Movie in 30 Seconds or Less. This was one of my favorite assignments, and while challenging, it was also a lot of fun to do. The tutorial was slightly annoying because I had to go back and almost start from the beginning to show how I did it, but I ended up just using the undo button and redo button and taking screen shots in between.

Last but not least, are my daily creates for this week: a negative space picture of leaves and some art showing the power of 4.

I had a lot of fun doing mashups this week and discovering the remix button and how it can alter an assignment by a little or a lot depending on what you get. I hope we are doing more remix assignments in the future (although I figure if we aren’t I could just remix them myself).


Two Creations

This week, we were tasked with doing 2 daily creates. I chose to do a negative space drawing and to show the power of 4 with art.

My negative space drawing was done using some leaves I found outside of my boyfriend’s house. I placed them on a paper and sketched a picture of them on another sheet and colored in everything around it black. Even though I’m not super artistic, I think they turned out pretty good!

For the power of 4 daily create, I used a picture of my siblings and I and added a little frame and a little caption to the picture. While this wasn’t my most creative thing ever, I thought it was an original type idea cause 4 children have a decent amount of power!


How Brown Rules My World

For my last assignment this week, I chose to do What Color is Your World? I also chose to do this assignment from Marlene’s perspective, so I tweaked the rules a little because I couldn’t take all the pictures (western scenery, horse, bull ride) myself. I’m also assuming that Marlene is able to take pictures by some means in her old western town. I took a picture of our dog food for Marlene’s dog, and some coffee which she starts her day with. I then have a picture of one of the brown bar stools that she uses at her place. I then googled and found a picture of western scenery that is outside of Marlene’s place as she is traveling to Rose’s bull riding competition. The next scene is Rose riding the bull and then a scene where she sees a few men traveling on her way back home. Once back home, there is a picture of some of the liquor offered at her tavern/bar. I used the song home on the range in the background because I thought it was fitting for the old western time.

How To Spoil A Movie

For my tutorial, I decided to do one of my favorite assignments so far: Spoil a Movie in 30 Seconds or Less. I chose to do The Prestige, for anyone that has not seen the original post.

I first had to use my copy of The Prestige and put it into Windows Movie Maker. By clicking add video/photo and finding the file, I added The Prestige into Move Maker. The picture here shows the entire movie in Movie Maker. The right hand side is where you can watch your video and the left hand side is all the scenes, which you can select with your cursor if you want to.

Screenshot (25)

Next, I chose specific points/scenes that I wanted to use and hit split while I was selecting that part of the movie. Once your cursor is selecting a section of the movie, there is an edit button at the top of the screen. Under this tab, the split button can be used to separate the scene into to parts. I split the movie again once I was at the end of the section I wanted to use so it created it’s own “section” which can be moved around with your cursor. The first picture below shows the black bar used to select the point in the movie and the split button. The second shows the resulting split of the movie into two sections.

Screenshot (26)

Screenshot (28)

You can select and press “delete” on your keyboard to get rid of scenes that you do not want to use. Once I had the scenes selected that I wanted to use, I deleted the parts that I did not need for the assignment and had only the scenes I wanted left.

Screenshot (29)

The final product was a little longer than it was supposed to be – but I think it turned out very well. You can find it here!

Word Cloud

For my second remix assignment, I created a word cloud and included some words in French as well. I used text from my own Facebook site and a french paper that I had to write as well. I played around with the color a little bit and ended up using purple as a background with some brighter colors for the words. I changed the font to the cursive you see in the picture to make it a little prettier too. I really like how it came out! Here it is:

Screenshot (24)

I Mustache You to Read This

For my next assignment, I chose to write a review of a product in a fun way/ tells a story about the product. I did a remix on the assignment and was tasked with somehow incorporating a mustache into the assignment. So I decided to do a review of these lip and mustache photo booth props: product

They can be found here. Let me tell you a story about this wonderful product. I used these props at my best friends wedding  (I was the maid of honor) for her photo booth. All of the guests raved about how wonderful and easy to use they were. They also made quite a few mustache puns. The props were my favorite part about the wedding. We all had a ton of fun taking pictures with them too. They are so easy to put together and the quality is great – even though they’re paper! The only complaint I have is that they only came in black – there were no different shades. Other than that, I love this product and plan on recommending it to everyone I know!

The Beatles Go to the Lake

My next mashup assignment involved changing up an iconic album cover. I chose to use the Abbey Road album cover and made the street water and the crosswalk a wooden bridge they have to walk across. I used GIMP again for this assignment. I changed the color of the road to be blue so that it looked like what and changed the white striped from the crosswalk to brown for wooden planks. Again, it isn’t super pretty but I think it turned out pretty good!


I also changed the name to Abbey Lake instead of Abbey Road.


Capital Wizards

For my next assignment, I chose to mashup two different sports team logos. I decided to use the curly W for the nationals and the Wizards logo for mine. I’m not super into sports so I just asked a friend what his two favorite sports were  and decided to use those logos. I used Gimp to remove the W from the middle of the Wizards logo and then added a layer that was the curly W. I had to make the background of the curly W image transparent and scale it so it was small enough to fit where the W is. I then used the paint bucket to change the color and make it as close to the blue in the wizards image as I could. While it wasn’t super creative in terms of the logos I could’ve used, it was challenging to combine them and remove the background around the original logo images (I’m super challenged with photo-shop related things). Here’s the final product!


Chandler Mashup

For this assignment, I had to create a mashup of one of my favorite characters and some scenes they have been in. I chose to do Chandler from Friends because he’s awesome. I chose a bunch of my favorite scene’s of him. My all time favorite is when he gets stuck in an ATM vestibule with a Victoria’s Secret model and freaks out. I made a small title screen and used scene’s from our Friends DVDs in Windows Movie Maker.


Video Week Part 2 (I think…)

So this was a fairly laid back week for us all I think. I chose to do the video show which I think was a lot less stressful than doing a ton of video assignment stars, but that may be because I like the video assignments the least. We had to read about making movies the ds106 way which I thought was pretty interesting. I like that we are supposed to focus on the storytelling more than technical aspects of the videos.

This week, my group and I created our video show which ended up being a puppet show, which we worked on last week and this week. We started filming this week and did our planning last week and during the filming section. We finished up editing and tying everything together this week as well and came up with our final product! Overall, we had a ton of fun coming up with the story and filming everything, as well as editing. We did run into a few technical issues with sound and trying to change scenery without being noticed (which clearly didn’t work out), but I think it did not take away from the story itself.

Also for the week, we had to do 3 daily creates. I chose to do Wednesday, Thursday and Friday’s creates. I think that they were all pretty fun and my favorite was definitely the change of scenery one. I had a lot of fun creating an ACME product also though. I did Friday’s daily create today due to a family emergency, but I thought that was a clever one because it was April Fools, but I was surprised they didn’t have a sillier one planned. This week was a lot of fun, and I liked that it was a fairly relaxed week. I’m excited to bring everything together in the next couple weeks and see what we have going on!