Three New Creations

This week, we had to complete 3 daily creates. I think this week they were a little easier than some of the previous weeks, but I was okay with it because it has been a ROUGH week work-load wise. The first daily create I did was to take a selfie when it was 1:06 – pretty straightforward. I was clearly real excited in the picture!

The second daily create was a triple cowboy quote. We had to take a picture of a western figure, add a quote that was related to them and attribute the quote to someone else related. I chose to use Butch Cassidy and I used a quote from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, spoken by the sundance kid. I attributed the quote to Sandra Pollack because Robert Redford (played Sundance in the movie), often starred in films with her.

The final daily create is from today! I had to make a foley western sound. I used a paper popper to create the sound of a gunshot, as you can see it doesn’t sound exactly like a gunshot but I think with the right editing, it could get pretty close!


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