The Newest Creations

This week we had to complete 2 daily creates. I chose to create a tongue twister and make up thoughts that a man from a picture was having.

For the tongue twister, we had to look at the ds106 hashtag on twitter and find someone who was on their. I chose Lindsey and made a tongue twister using L’s. I wanted to make it a little longer, but it was not easy to come up with L words in a long string. I do like the final product though!

I also tweeted a cowboys thoughts. I was looking at the snow and the hills and I kind of got the idea that this cowboy was surveying the area around him to try and figure out where/what he was going to do next. I figured he would travel with some horses, so the height of the snow was definitely a concern.

I’m excited to see what’s in store this week for daily creates!

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