The Making of a Western Genre Expert

So this week was pretty fun, I thought! I enjoyed watching and listening to more westerns. As mentioned in my post, So You Think You Understand Westerns I have definitely learned a lot about the western genre already. I really enjoyed reading Crane’s short story The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky; I thought it was very well written and I liked the slight suspense aspect of not knowing what would happen once they got to town. I used some of my knowledge to create my character, Marlene! I had a lot of fun creating her character and deciding what her background would be. I even included a little cliffhanger since I know we are using them in the future!

The writing assignments this week were pretty fun also! I enjoyed writing a letter to myself as a child (even though I chose to write to me at 16) and writing about what my future could be like. I also created a story using articles from The Onion which was really fun! I thought my story was pretty well put together considering I tried to use article titles only and not a lot of filler.

Here are my daily creates for the week:


I had the most fun with putting a western background into my window. I used gimp and had a hard time getting it to work, but I think it turned out pretty well. I found the background through google and went from there. The other two were pretty straightforward in terms of what I had to do.


I started organizing my blog last week, so I didn’t make too many changes this week because I like the simple layout I have going. I have a feeling I may need to switch it up eventually and add some more categories or sub-pages but I think for now, I like the overall structure.

Hope you guys had a good week too!

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