Stories in Creations

I decided to make my story about the two lovely people in the photo from the daily create Thursday. George is comforting Martha after they’ve had a fight about where to go on vacation. George wants to do a stay-cation, but Martha would rather go somewhere new and exciting. George brings Martha flowers to make her feel better and tell her they can go anywhere she wants.

Martha thinks about it for awhile and decides that she wants to go to Italy and visit her distant cousins. They book their tickets and head to Italy two weeks later. While there they visit multiple sights including the National Gallery of Modern Art in Rome. They also decide to be a little adventurous and take an art class one night at the gallery.

For the art class, Martha and George were taught how to paint a tree blossoming over the water. Martha loved the class and wants to continue painting once they return home. You can see her finished picture below. After a week and a half with her cousins, Martha and George return home.

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