Daily Creations

Once again this week, we had to complete 3 daily creates. They were all pretty fun this week. For my first one, I had to add some text to an existing gif. I added some glittery text since it was for a birthday and played around with the text some. I used the site recommended on the daily create website and came up with this:

The next one was a little more meaningful than most of them are. We had to show what we think the meaning of life is in a picture or video. I chose a beautiful picture of some stones on the water and added a little inspiration type text. I think it’s important for everyone to travel and experience new places and cultures. I haven’t gotten to travel much, so I’m really looking forward to my trip after graduation!

The final daily create I did this week was a little caravan and what I would bring with me to the wild west. I chose to put a cooler and some books in the caravan, along with food, clothing and of course my family and some friends. I added the cooler and the books as best I could, and I think my skills are definitely improving but still not perfect.


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