This week, we had to do 3 daily creates.

For my first create, I chose to bury passive aggressive Facebook posts, because who wants those…ever? I used a photo of a blank tombstone from Google and added in the words using Paint. I posted this the day after because I forgot to hit the submit button and noticed it after posting my daily create for the next day.

For the next create, I had to make a gif of the great train robbery. I chose a part fairly close to the beginning where the 2 guys are tying up the man at the station. I chose the caption “oh no, he fell!” to add a little humor to it.

For the last daily create, we had to explain the aphorism “Never throw tapioca down a mine shaft”. I decided to take it as though the tapioca was already made and since I love tapioca, I thought it would be because the miners would eat all of it and be too full to work.


1 thought on “Creations”

  1. I really liked the tombstone and gif you created. I also frequently find myself annoyed at people’s passive aggressive facebook posts

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