Creating Daily

So this week the daily creates were pretty fun, even if the last one was a little challenging because I was not sure what stop motion was.

For my first daily create, we had to decide whether or not something was half empty or half full. I chose half full, of course! I even played around a little with the contrast in honor of becoming a better photographer.

My second daily create of the week had me making an oregon trail screen. I chose the screen of my tombstone; my death was the result of stress from being unable to finish my assignments, which I thought was pretty clever 😉

For the last daily create, I had to create art in a stop motion video. Here is the end result, not quite 6 seconds, but I tried..I could not figure out how to write something while posting from vine to twitter so I had to send it in a convo to the Daily Create twitter.

I’m really looking forward to the daily creates for next week!

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