Going Out On the Town

So as you know if you’ve read my post about our new video, The Travelin’ Gals are making a second debut in a spoof of a Parks and Rec episode Galentine’s Day. For our show, we are going to use our own characters, as puppets, in a Western town having their own Galentine’s Day. Galentine’s day is supposed to be Valentine’s Day for girls, where they basically treat themselves and do whatever they want. In our video they’re going to go to be in an Old Western town. The girls are going to visit the shooting range, the spa, have a big fancy lunch (and dinner), and will likely end up at Marlene’s for some drinks at the end of the day. I’m thinking it will be best if we use pictures for our scenes and then have the puppets move around in them. Unfortunately, because my grandpa was sick early in the week, we did not have a lot of time to meet and create our puppets and get into detail with our scene’s so my trailer is not complete yet, but will be by Monday.

The Return of the Traveling Girls

So my radio show group and I decided that since we had to much fun producing our radio show, why not continue and do a little puppet show. We are basing the show off of en episode of Parks and Recreation where Leslie Knope has a Galentines day ( in lieu of Valentine’s Day) with her favorite people. For our puppet show, we are going to have our characters, Marlene, Rose and Maybelline, go on a Galentine’s day with a western twist.

We are thinking that for their Galentine’s day, we will go a shooting range to perfect our technique and then head over to the fanciest restaurant in town to have a nice big lunch. At the end of the day, we will wind down and have some drinks at Marlene’s.

Turning Tumbleweeds

This week I listened to Turning Tumbleweeds on DS106 Radio. I thought the show was really well done! They used a lot of great sound effects to enhance the story. For example, the high pitched music in the background made it seem eerie/creepy. There was also a really good use of other sounds, like a door shutting, dog barking, etc that made the story authentic; it felt more like listening to a movie than hearing a show on the radio. Occasionally, the mic seemed to fade out/it was hard to hear them speaking, but I’m guessing that was just a technical difficulty. I was also a big fan of how they told the story. I thought that it was very interesting to hear the story from different people – 2 friends asking each other what happened, it kept things interesting and kept me guessing. I really liked the commercials they used – I thought they were all very well done and entertaining. Overall, I thought the show was very well done and had a lot of great effects that enhanced the story.

Radio Madness

So as everyone is aware, it’s radio show week(s)! I was originally kind of dreading this assignment – I’ve heard about it from some friends and while it sounded cool, it also sounded a little awful. I am happy to say that after brainstorming with my group I am pretty excited for the radio show that we have developing. My group and I are going to do a traveling caravan of sorts (not exactly sure what you’d call it) where we each talk about a place we’re at and how its different from our home town. We are thinking that each of our characters are running around doing their thing and talking about the new place that they are currently in. While they are in each of their respective places, they’re going to notice something – a wanted poster, an overheard story, etc – that relates to the other character in someway. We were thinking this would be cool because it would make the stories less disjointed if they connect in subtle ways to one another. I’m pretty excited to see what we’re going to come up with and I hope it’ll be good!

Themes in Western Designs

Looking through the posters and based on the Western genre type movies I’ve noticed a few different things.

  • Generally, in terms of color there seem to be about 4 colors that dominate in westerns and on the posters: yellow, brown, red, and black. These colors are usually in some type of hue throughout the movie.
  • Another thing I noticed in the posters is that the titles and the main characters seem to be the main focus in their design. It’s very obvious based on the posters who the main character will be.
  • Many of the scenes in westerns are fairly minimalist in terms of what’s happening on scene and the amount of stuff on scene.
  • I noticed that there are also quite a few extreme close-ups, usually of the protagonist or antagonist’s face –> generally this either makes the character seem more vulnerable or more powerful, depending on the angle

It’s All in the Details

After reading Vignelli’s booklet, The Vignelli Canon, I have a newfound respect for design and people who use design in their everyday life. I realize that we use design for basically everything after reading Vignelli’s booklet. Everything from choosing a title for a paper to actually creating art is a use of design. Before reading the booklet, I never would’ve guessed that something as basic as choosing the margins, title and spacing of a paper would be considered design. It’s clear in the booklet that Vignelli loves design and has the utmost respect for it and all the elements that comes with that. I really liked what Vignelli said about semantics, syntactics, visual power, and discipline. I love that Vignelli puts such importance into the meaning of whatever is being designed and the discipline needed to create something. I really agree with his idea that discipline is needed for basically every aspect of design. Without it, a design would likely have less meaning and be less effective.

I think that the main idea I took away from the booklet is that design cannot be done without all the things mentioned. You need to have each element to create a truly effective design – the minute details/the small things are used to create the larger aspects of your design. I think that Vignelli seems to think that every choice made in creating a design is just as important as the next.

Radio Madness

So for my radio show, I’m not quite sure yet what I want to do. I have a few kind of random ideas but I’m not sure how they’ll go together. Here are some ideas I have as of now:

  • I think it would be really fun to do like an Onion type show where you’re reporting the news but its funny.
  • A traveling caravan of some sort that talks about the different adventures going on over time
  • Some type of gossip show where celebrity’s used are famous people from Westerns (adapting stories from now or the past possibly)

Clearly, I’m struggling a little with this, but hopefully I’ll find some inspiration soon!

I Tried DS106 Radio and I Liked It

So when I was reading the Weekly Assignments, I saw that we had to listen to the radio show and I was honestly a little worried. I thought it might be cheesy and maybe a little boring and man was I wrong! (and happy to be too!) I really liked listening to the stories and hearing the different ways they used audio to replace visual elements. The sound seemed to me that it should be diegetic if we had visuals which made it easier to picture the story happening. In the first story I listened too, I really enjoyed the music – it was almost ironic because it was fairly upbeat and happy, but a couple was scamming people out of their money.

After listening, I think some of my ideas in my previous post are confirmed. Audio is an essential part of any story, especially one without visuals (duh). It can be used for humor, to enhance a feeling or a mood, or simply as background music that adds depth to a story.

Storytelling Through Audio

So I’ve listened to Moon Graffiti and a few other examples of audio storytelling from previous weeks to get a better idea of how I feel about audio and storytelling. I’ve taken a couple film classes so I’ve thought about this quite a few times, though that usually involved a picture to go with the audio.

As I’m listening to Moon Graffiti in particular, I’m noticing the sharp, high pitched sounds the most. I think they add a lot to the story in terms of giving me a feeling of suspense and something kind of like fear. I also think that the way the story was recorded makes everything feel very real or authentic. I think this is due to the sound of the mic and you can hear their breathing and the scratchy sound from the mic. Another great use of audio in storytelling is used during Stagecoach. While a lot of the audio is diegetic, the sound effects and music used add a lot to the movie. When the stagecoach is leaving town, for example, they play a upbeat exciting tune that adds to the excitement of the adventure. The diegetic sound also has the effect of making the story more authentic, I think.

Overall, I think a lot of the westerns I’ve seen make use of sounds from the story/in the scene which makes them feel a lot more real and authentic. Generally, I’ve noticed that they use sound effects and mood music to enhance something that’s happening in the story which I really enjoy.