Photography Madness

So this week was overall pretty good! I thought it was a fun week. I really liked the Photoblitz assignment! I thought it was really cool that it generates a random list of things and you take photos and put them together. I also really enjoyed reflecting on cinematography and photography as well. In terms of photography, as I mentioned in the post, I never really think that much about the pictures I’m taking. Usually that’s because I just want to remember the moment so I snap a quick photo, I don’t think about the rest. I did like that becoming better photographers was really simple and straightforward. I think I’m going to try and pay a little more attention to lighting and the moment when taking photos. I’m especially excited for the tips for my trip to Croatia after graduation, I think they will definitely come in handy.

My favorite post this week was the collage or the visual assignment where you have to guess what I took a close up of (so far, no one knows). I also enjoyed the posts that were chosen for us to do. I really liked seeing the different ideas people had, like this one which was very creative. The daily creates this week were also pretty fun, I thought! I struggled a little with the stop motion one for today, but I think it turned out pretty well.

I’m excited for next week!

The Making of a Western Genre Expert

So this week was pretty fun, I thought! I enjoyed watching and listening to more westerns. As mentioned in my post, So You Think You Understand Westerns I have definitely learned a lot about the western genre already. I really enjoyed reading Crane’s short story The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky; I thought it was very well written and I liked the slight suspense aspect of not knowing what would happen once they got to town. I used some of my knowledge to create my character, Marlene! I had a lot of fun creating her character and deciding what her background would be. I even included a little cliffhanger since I know we are using them in the future!

The writing assignments this week were pretty fun also! I enjoyed writing a letter to myself as a child (even though I chose to write to me at 16) and writing about what my future could be like. I also created a story using articles from The Onion which was really fun! I thought my story was pretty well put together considering I tried to use article titles only and not a lot of filler.

Here are my daily creates for the week:


I had the most fun with putting a western background into my window. I used gimp and had a hard time getting it to work, but I think it turned out pretty well. I found the background through google and went from there. The other two were pretty straightforward in terms of what I had to do.


I started organizing my blog last week, so I didn’t make too many changes this week because I like the simple layout I have going. I have a feeling I may need to switch it up eventually and add some more categories or sub-pages but I think for now, I like the overall structure.

Hope you guys had a good week too!

The Week Full of Exploring and Creating

Happy week two everyone!

This week was a lot better than last for me, I played around with WordPress some and got the lay of the land figured out (I think). I had a lot of fun with the Daily Creates on Twitter (check them out, here!) Sorry you all had to experience my artistic struggle with the drawing. The first daily create, I took maybe a little too literally but I figured it still explained the quote, so I went with it! For the second, I got to color a cow! I was real excited about this one, because I love cows, like a lot. I just kinda went with my imagination and chose random colors for him. The third one was another pretty simple one, we just had to knock on something with some sort of pattern. Overall, I enjoyed doing the Daily Create assignments! I thought they were fun, quick little things that you can get done with simple tools.

The Assignment Bank assignments were a little different, but I love them because they’re all made by people for other people to do! I love that idea, mostly because the assignments are created by us which I think makes them more fun and relatable. I chose a Visual, Web and Writing assignment for this week. My visual assignment involved taking a photo and changing the color and hue to make it look totally different. I used a picture of a garden decoration shaped like a butterfly that I took from underneath (so you can see the sky). I darkened it some and then brightened the pink in the clouds. I changed the hue around and honestly just moved the dial until I thought it looked pretty. I used the editing software that came with my surface, not sure what it’s called. My web assignment was my favorite, by far! I got to create my dream room on Pinterest (which I’m obsessed with). I had a lot of fun searching through bedroom ideas and furniture to find things I liked. I think once I have the money and time to actually decorate my own room, it’s going to be a problem getting everything to match and go together. The last assignment, I wrote about freshman move in day, which was a pretty chill day! I also added a little picture of Bushnell and circled my room, for reference.

I got to know a little more about WordPress and my chosen theme this week as well. I added two new pages including and About page. I also officially named my blog (yay!)!I explored the assignment bank as well and tagged some assignments that looked interesting for the future. I’m excited to see what the Daily creates have in store for us this week too!

Week One Reflections

So this week was pretty interesting. I thought I was fairly computer savvy but I definitely had some trouble with embedding the links. I am pretty excited to get more into the class though; I had friends that took it last semester and loved it. I learned how to use YouTube and Soundcloud – two forms of media I’ve never used for creative purposes.

I was especially amazed by how easy it has been to create a blog with WordPress, even though I’m still figuring out how to customize everything. Learning my way around was pretty easy though!

I am pretty excited to be learning about westerns. I took a film class my senior year of high school and we touched on the western genre some. But the only western movies I’ve really actually seen are Star Wars, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (which I loved!) and Back to the Future III which isn’t very western. Generally, when I think about westerns I think about the traditional standoff with two cowboys on either side of the room and suspenseful music playing. In terms of the course, I’m excited to watch more films, specifically the comedy westerns.


I look forward to a fun semester, learning how to use different forms of media!