How Do I DS106?

So this post is for all the newbies in the new DS106 class or those of you that joined of your own free will. During the course of the semester, these are some things that I learned/ thought everyone would like to know:

  • Just because you aren’t very artistic does NOT mean you won’t like/do well in this course – I am pretty terrible with art, but I did well and enjoyed the class
  • Don’t stress out – a good rule of thumb for anything
  • USE the resourced provided to you – this one may seem like a no brainer but there are probably people that didn’t use them and should have. They make the course a little easier and have useful tips!
  • Don’t wait until the end of the week to do everything – while this is possible to do, you can imagine it would be easier to spread things out a bit (it also results in less stress for you later)
  • Have fun! Think outside the box when it comes to the assignments – you have pretty free reign in terms of interpreting the assignments, especially ones from the assignment bank
  • When you’re using something that you never have before, try and take some time to learn the program so you can hone your skills a little – I didn’t do this and I think that it would’ve made some of my final products a little better
  • Don’t be afraid to be a little cheesy – sometimes it’s really fun
  • Embrace the theme! Whatever it is, it’s important throughout the semester, so embrace it, even if you aren’t a fan of it.
  • Have some fun – a cheesy, but necessary piece of advice. I believe this class can easily be your favorite if you just have fun with it!

Good luck future DS106ers!

The Thirteenth Week

This week was all about storytelling and the web. I had a lot of fun with the web assignments this week. I chose to do my dream vacation, a relationship map and a google maps story. I really enjoyed doing all three assignments but my favorite was the dream vacation. I never really thought about where I would go if I was taking a trip and could choose everything and how long I go, etc. Of course, I’ve imagined a dream vacation, but never actually planned it out. I took a little time to plan the trip – but ignored an important detail of which place to go when because that takes the fun out of it. I found different pins on Pinterest that I was interested in doing in each place. I would be most excited to go to Switzerland and be able to see my cousins.

Another story I had to tell this week involved the daily creates for the week.  For my story, I used the creates from this week – they ended up working out in my favor and made for a pretty good story. I used a picture of a couple that I named George and Martha (Washington, of course) and went from that. I had them go on a vacation (shoutout to whoever did the vacation assignment and got my mind on vacations) to the spot I chose that I wasn’t sure if I could go to. Then I had them do a little art on their trip because who doesn’t want to paint in an actual art gallery? I had a lot of fun creating this story and I think it turned out pretty well.

Last but not least this week, I used the X-Ray Goggles to re-design a webpage. I struggled a little with this because my page was a little uncooperative with the larger changes – I made the smaller changes first and then realized that I couldn’t change some bigger things but decided not to switch because I had already committed. I decided to do an opposite of the page I used – a page of a healthy cookbook for couples/pairs. I made it unhealthy and changed the author and title, as well as the suggested books to buy with it.


Happy Friday everyone!


This week was really fun! I enjoyed the mashup assignments a lot. I thought they were a little more enjoyable than some of the others. That being said they were definitely a little more work than other assignments, but it was fun, so I didn’t mind. For one of my mashups, I had to take an iconic album cover and change it so that it was something different. I chose the Abbey Road album cover for The Beatles and I decided to make it look like they were on a lake walking across a bridge. This assignment was a lot more work than I anticipated – probably because I suck at photoshop, but I liked the end result. Another mashup assignment that I did was to make a scene mashup of a character from a TV show or movie. I chose to use Chandler from Friends because he is one of my favorite TV characters. It took awhile to do this one as well, but I like the way it turned out. My next assignment for the mashup was called Color Your World and involved taking pictures of a recurring color in my life and then adding a song to the compilation of pictures. The last of my 12 stars of assignments was to mashup two sports teams logos. As I mention in the post, I’m not big on sports fan so I asked a friend what his two favorite teams were and used those.

I also did two remix assignments which also were a lot of fun to do. My favorite one had me add a mustache to the assignment in whatever way I wanted to. So, I did a movie review of mustache props, and cleverly named the post I Mustache You To Read This Review. My other remix was to add a different language to the assignment. I chose to do a word cloud before the remix so it worked out well because I just added French words into my word cloud.

Next, I created a tutorial for one of my favorite assignments, Spoil A Movie in 30 Seconds or Less. This was one of my favorite assignments, and while challenging, it was also a lot of fun to do. The tutorial was slightly annoying because I had to go back and almost start from the beginning to show how I did it, but I ended up just using the undo button and redo button and taking screen shots in between.

Last but not least, are my daily creates for this week: a negative space picture of leaves and some art showing the power of 4.

I had a lot of fun doing mashups this week and discovering the remix button and how it can alter an assignment by a little or a lot depending on what you get. I hope we are doing more remix assignments in the future (although I figure if we aren’t I could just remix them myself).


Video Week Part 2 (I think…)

So this was a fairly laid back week for us all I think. I chose to do the video show which I think was a lot less stressful than doing a ton of video assignment stars, but that may be because I like the video assignments the least. We had to read about making movies the ds106 way which I thought was pretty interesting. I like that we are supposed to focus on the storytelling more than technical aspects of the videos.

This week, my group and I created our video show which ended up being a puppet show, which we worked on last week and this week. We started filming this week and did our planning last week and during the filming section. We finished up editing and tying everything together this week as well and came up with our final product! Overall, we had a ton of fun coming up with the story and filming everything, as well as editing. We did run into a few technical issues with sound and trying to change scenery without being noticed (which clearly didn’t work out), but I think it did not take away from the story itself.

Also for the week, we had to do 3 daily creates. I chose to do Wednesday, Thursday and Friday’s creates. I think that they were all pretty fun and my favorite was definitely the change of scenery one. I had a lot of fun creating an ACME product also though. I did Friday’s daily create today due to a family emergency, but I thought that was a clever one because it was April Fools, but I was surprised they didn’t have a sillier one planned. This week was a lot of fun, and I liked that it was a fairly relaxed week. I’m excited to bring everything together in the next couple weeks and see what we have going on!

Week 10: A Week Full of Videos

This week was an interesting one. I had a rough start to the week with my grandpa in the ICU so I was a little distracted and it took me a little bit to get to all my assignments. Good news is I was still able to do almost everything.

We had to do 2 daily creates this week and I really liked them. I drew a picture of 2 bikers going to work together for the first one and then described supply and demand for the second one. I was going to do a different one, but I forgot to do it before the end of day :(.

The video essay was actually one of my favorite things this week to do. I chose to do a the scene from Django Unchained where Django and Shultz are rescuing Broomhilda from a plantation. The scene uses many of the ideas discussed by Ebert and I think it shows how Tohline was correct in saying that stories are told on multiple levels and people often miss the movie because they only focus on one aspect of a film.

Another assignment we had was to choose between some different video assignments. I chose to spoil a movie. I did The Prestige as you can see in the post. I had a lot of fun with this assignment. As Mason mentions in the comments, this movie is pretty underrated. I chose to do it because I think that while there are spoilers in the movie, you don’t really know what they mean unless you’ve seen the movie. I even, according to the comments, convinced someone to watch it based on the spoiler compilation.

Last but not least, The Travelin Gals are back and we are making a puppet show. We decided to create a puppet show that is a spoof of an episode of Parks and Recreation. We are setting the video in our western town and doing all sorts of things, from going to a shooting range to eating our weight in food. Stay tuned to see it next week!

Week 9: Reviewing The Shows

So as we were told in our weekly assignments, this week was pretty chill! I was relieved that we had a fairly easy-going time because last week I had a ton going on so it was nice that most classes were pretty relaxed this week. We had to do 3 daily creations and mine can be found here. I kept things fairly simple with the creations, but still obviously tried to be as creative as I could. I think the creates this week were also a little more laid back than they have been in previous weeks. I had fun with the tombstone one, and even looked through it to see what other people came up with. Some people got really creative and others were pretty serious; ultimately, I decided to go with a more laid back one.

My favorite assignments this week were actually the 10 star choose your genre assignments. I had a lot of fun reading through everyone’s character posts and deciding who to use in mine. I loved making the seven character story and the crime board (which I decided to relate to my story). I had a lot of fun creating an idea around the characters I chose to use. I thought about not using 7 characters from the class, but as I was reading through each one, I came up with a fairly good idea and ran with it! My last assignment was to create a poster for a camp I attended. Obviously, I used my character Marlene and not myself, but I liked the camp I chose!

Also for the week, we had to listen to the other radio shows and tweet along. I listened on Thursday to Turning Tumbleweeds and really enjoyed it! As I mention in the post, I thought this group did a great job, especially with their use of sound effects. I think that they created a really good story which definitely kept me guessing until the end. I’m looking forward to next week and seeing what that has in store for us!

Week 8: Perfecting the Show

So this week was a lot of editing and recording for the audio show, in addition to the daily creates. I think the radio shows are a great idea and I’m pretty excited to see what others have come up with. I know one group has a murder mystery theme – which I am especially excited for. I wonder if I’ll be able to figure out who it is!

I think that our show turned out really well! As mentioned in my post about our progress, we worked well together and collaborated with basically everything. Sophia and Maria did a little editing without me, but I also did a little without them simply because of scheduling conflicts. It was fun to produce and we changed our original plan slightly once recording, but what we came up with definitely flows better.

We had to do only 2 daily creates this week, which was nice because the show was quite a bit of work. My daily creates were both fairly straightforward and simple this week, but the tongue twister did take a little time to get perfected. I was having trouble coming up with a place that started with an L to finish up the twister, and then I was like oh duh, LA. The other daily create was to come up with a cowboys thoughts from a picture of a cowboy looking at a snow covered area.

Finally, we finished up producing our radio show. The final product can be found here. The past 2 weeks doing the radio show were really exciting, and this week in particular it was nice to have some time off (in terms of the amount of work) to be able to focus on the show.


Happy 8th week everyone!

Audio Party: The Radio Show

So for this week, we started planning out our radio shows. I’m working with Sophia and Maria to create an awesome radio show about traveling! We decided to use GoogleDocs to plan and come up with ideas and it worked out pretty well, as mentioned in the post. I’m pretty excited to get started recording and come up with the final product!

The audio assignments this week were all a lot more bearable than I expected – I had some fun with them, especially incorporating Marlene! This week, she got her own theme song and created a little rhythm herself one day when the saloon was slow!

The daily creates this week were fun as well! I chose to do the one where it’s 1:06 somewhere, the triple cowboy quote and create a foley western sound. I think they turned out pretty well! I had the most fun with the cowboy quote one – I like that you could go pretty out of the box with it :). I was upset that I missed the one for Wednesday though, it sounded like it would be really cool!

Have a great break everyone!

Designing Everyday

This week, as everyone knows, we focused on design. I thought that this week was very similar to photography in terms of what we were looking at as characteristics of design. I really enjoyed reading Vignelli’s booklet. One of my favorite things about it, besides the content was how clear it is that Vignelli loves design. It was really clear that he put a lot of time and effort into what he was saying and for me, that made it more interesting to read.

My favorite assignment this week was definitely the minimalist poster. I had a lot of fun creating it and I think my photoshop skills are definitely improving. I put a lot of thought into the color choices for the background and the lettering, as explained in my post. Another assignment I really enjoyed was the Design Blitz. I thought it was really cool to see how easily and how often we see design in our lives – essentially because it is in everything we do and especially in the things we create – duh.

This week we also had to do three daily creates. I enjoyed this week but I think last week was definitely more fun for me, personally. Although I did really enjoy doing the second one involving the meaning of life. I also loved creating a motivational poster, as I mentioned in my post, I’m slightly obsessed with them. I’m looking forward to the next couple weeks and figuring out our radio show ideas!

Audio Party

So as you all know, this week we were focusing on audio in storytelling. I think so far this has been my favorite week. I really enjoyed focusing on audio in the movies and radio involving westerns. As I mentioned in my post, I really enjoy the way most westerns use diegetic and other sounds to make the story seem more real/authentic. I’m a huge fan of the story being as real as possible. Obviously there would be an exception for a spaghetti western or something more comedic, but even those use sound fairly effectively from what I’ve noticed. I also really enjoyed doing all the audio assignments, I think those have been my favorite so far the past few weeks. 🙂 My favorite assignment this week was definitely the sound effects story. I love the way mine turned out and I had a lot of fun doing it.I decided to make it into a mystery and try and have you all guess what happens next, which I’m really glad I did.

The daily create assignments this week were also pretty fun! I really enjoyed the one where we had to create an invention. I got my idea from the movie Flubber and thought a breakfast machine would be such a great idea – mostly because I love breakfast, but who wants to get up early enough to make a waffle? No one.

Overall, I had a lot of fun this week playing around with audio and creating different things from a mashup to a radio bumper. I liked that we used ds106 radio to familiarize ourselves with it before we go further with it. I also thought it was a great way for us to think more about audio and it’s role in telling a story. I think Audacity is a great tool and I’m glad we are using it because I used it in high school (even though I didn’t quite remember everything). I’m looking forward to next week and what we’ll be focusing on!