Definitely Not A Pro Photographer

Happy 4th week everyone!

So I’m thinking back on all the photographs I’ve ever taken (and there are TONS) and realizing how much I am not a photographer. I generally take pictures on vacation and, if I think about it, on birthdays or special occasions with friends. I actually wish I took more photos just to remember different occasions.

Based on Becoming Better Photographers, I only pay attention to the moment when I take photos. I sometimes look for better lighting or try to make the picture look “better” but usually I just see something I like and take a picture. After reading about becoming a better photographer, I don’t know how much I’ll really change to be honest. Mostly because I take the pictures for myself, to capture moments I want to remember – I don’t take them for other people. That being said, I may start playing with contrast and using a better lens just to make the pictures prettier/look better. I suppose i inadvertently pay attention to the light but only to the extent that I would move around until the light wasn’t messing with my picture. I think it could be cool to play around with light and see how it changes the picture itself. Storytelling and Visual Literacy had some similar ideas to becoming a better photographer but presented them differently. Eskenazi was definitely more about telling a story through photographs. While he made a lot of compelling points, I think I’ll try them out for the class but I’m not entirely sure I’ll use them in the future.

Today, In America…

Iowa is preparing for presidential candidates to pass through the state and has decided the overcrowded GOP field forces them to create massive town hall stadium. Clinton’s campaign is the first to pass through the state, followed by Jeb, Sanders and Trump. The retreating Clinton campaign torched Iowa town to slow advance of Sanders volunteers. Meanwhile, across town, the Jeb Bush campaign kicks off a 3-state farewell tour with an Iowa town hall meeting. During the meeting, the Governor demands to know which star on American flag is Iowa’s, which results in an Iowan comforting sobbing Jeb Bush at town hall after the meeting. Shortly after Bush and Sanders leave Iowa, Trump’s campaign arrives. At a meeting, Trump tells Iowa dairy farmers he has cows 500 times bigger than theirs. Clearly upset by his comments, the dairy farmers leave and decide not to vote for Trump. After all the campaigns have gone through town, reporters are speaking to residents about their experience. An Iowa restaurant patron can remember every breakfast ruined by presidential candidates.



So this clearly isn’t the best story, but I tried to use exclusively article titles and as little filler as I could. I think it turned out pretty interesting! Links to articles are in the post instead of down here clumped together! I used articles from The Onion, because it is the best source for ridiculous news 🙂

Bakery Owner

Kelly Hendricks is a world famous bakery owner. She attended University of Mary Washington from 2012 to 2016 and went on to become a financial analyst. During her time at UMW, Kelly was a part of Sigma Beta Delta and Omicron Epsilon, the business and economics honor societies. She was also the Game Night committee chair for the campus programming club. After about 10 years, she decided to pursue her dream of owning a bakery.  She opened her store front in Quincy, Massachusetts with the name Muffin Top. Muffin Top quickly became one of the most popular bakeries in Quincy and even won an award for best bakery. Over the next few years, her bakery continued to grow and she had two children with her husband. After a few years, Kelly opened another shop in her hometown, Fairfax, Virginia. Now, Kelly runs her bakery in Quincy while raising her kids and occasionally does some consulting on the side.

Hey You, It’s Me in 6 Years

Hello 16 year old self!

So we are 22 now and about to graduate from the University of Mary Washington! I have some things I want to tell you about high school: don’t stress out so much! You spent a lot of time studying and stressing about classes and getting into a good school. Guess what? You did it! However, you also missed out on a lot of stuff, so I propose you relax. Go out and enjoy yourself a little more! I also want you to know that boys are not that important (and you found a pretty great one in college anyway). It’s also important that you spend time with the family, even though they drive you crazy.

So enjoy the rest of high school while you can and make sure you enjoy college too (you meet some pretty great people)!



(assignment here)

I Like to Move It, Move It

4 years ago, I moved into Bushnell Hall for my first year at UMW (wow, I’m getting old)

It was a surprisingly pretty day outside besides being extremely warm. My dad, stepmom and sisters dropped me off and helped me unpack the cars and get everything in the room. My roommate and friend, Valeria had already moved all her stuff in so I just had to unpack and get settled. My family and I went to lunch at Pueblos, which is still one of my favorite places in Fredvegas to eat Mexican food (which is my favorite). After lunch, they headed out and I began unpacking my stuff. That day feels pretty surreal now that I’ve moved into another dorm and then a house of my own (with my roomies, of course). The best part of the day was getting everything settled and seeing how proud the family was of me ( I’m also the first one to go to college).


Assignment Heaven

This week, we also started using the DS106 assignment bank, which I think is amazing! I love that the assignments are made by students and rated based on their difficulty. I chose to do a visual assignment, a web assignment and a writing assignment (which is it’s own post)


For my visual assignment, I had to take a picture and change the hues to make it look different. Here is what I did! The top photo is the original!

original butterfly


The web assignment I chose was to create my dream room on Pinterest. The board is here:

I chose a layout for the room and some different furniture that I liked for it as well. I found a color scheme and bedding as well as some decorations. I chose to have a little reading nook also because I love to read and be comfortable!

I look forward to doing more of these throughout the semester!