Word Cloud

For my second remix assignment, I created a word cloud and included some words in French as well. I used text from my own Facebook site and a french paper that I had to write as well. I played around with the color a little bit and ended up using purple as a background with some brighter colors for the words. I changed the font to the cursive you see in the picture to make it a little prettier too. I really like how it came out! Here it is:

Screenshot (24)

I Mustache You to Read This

For my next assignment, I chose to write a review of a product in a fun way/ tells a story about the product. I did a remix on the assignment and was tasked with somehow incorporating a mustache into the assignment. So I decided to do a review of these lip and mustache photo booth props: product

They can be found here. Let me tell you a story about this wonderful product. I used these props at my best friends wedding  (I was the maid of honor) for her photo booth. All of the guests raved about how wonderful and easy to use they were. They also made quite a few mustache puns. The props were my favorite part about the wedding. We all had a ton of fun taking pictures with them too. They are so easy to put together and the quality is great – even though they’re paper! The only complaint I have is that they only came in black – there were no different shades. Other than that, I love this product and plan on recommending it to everyone I know!

The Beatles Go to the Lake

My next mashup assignment involved changing up an iconic album cover. I chose to use the Abbey Road album cover and made the street water and the crosswalk a wooden bridge they have to walk across. I used GIMP again for this assignment. I changed the color of the road to be blue so that it looked like what and changed the white striped from the crosswalk to brown for wooden planks. Again, it isn’t super pretty but I think it turned out pretty good!


I also changed the name to Abbey Lake instead of Abbey Road.


Capital Wizards

For my next assignment, I chose to mashup two different sports team logos. I decided to use the curly W for the nationals and the Wizards logo for mine. I’m not super into sports so I just asked a friend what his two favorite sports were  and decided to use those logos. I used Gimp to remove the W from the middle of the Wizards logo and then added a layer that was the curly W. I had to make the background of the curly W image transparent and scale it so it was small enough to fit where the W is. I then used the paint bucket to change the color and make it as close to the blue in the wizards image as I could. While it wasn’t super creative in terms of the logos I could’ve used, it was challenging to combine them and remove the background around the original logo images (I’m super challenged with photo-shop related things). Here’s the final product!


Chandler Mashup

For this assignment, I had to create a mashup of one of my favorite characters and some scenes they have been in. I chose to do Chandler from Friends because he’s awesome. I chose a bunch of my favorite scene’s of him. My all time favorite is when he gets stuck in an ATM vestibule with a Victoria’s Secret model and freaks out. I made a small title screen and used scene’s from our Friends DVDs in Windows Movie Maker.


The Puppet Show

So we finished filming and editing the puppet show and it turned out alright! We had a little trouble with some of the sound because we were outside, but it turned out okay. As I mentioned in the post before, we are in some of the shots because we had a lot of trouble trying to figure out how to move around for certain parts and keep everything fairly steady. There was also trouble with the camera being used portrait and landscape style – we switch between them and realize now that it would’ve been more cohesive if we’d stuck to landscape. We really had a lot of fun filming though, so I hope everyone enjoys it!


A Traveling Gals Adventure: Filming the Puppet Show

So last week, the Travelin Gals decided to reunite and create a puppet show based on the Galentine’s Day episode of Parks and Recreation. We talked a lot about what we were going to do and how to do it, and in the end we did not exactly do a Galentine’s Day, but we did a loose Western interpretation of one. We decided that Maybelline was going to come and see Rose and Marlene and convince them to come ride bulls with her at a competition. To make our puppets more “Western” we printed out cowboy hats for each of them and also tried to talk in the same accents as in the radio show.

When filming, we had our friend film us and we were going to try and film everything so that you could not see us, but we had trouble finding a good location that would also allow us to change scenery. To do what we wanted, we had to just keep ourselves included in some of the scenes. We did our own type of “Galentine’s” day and have Maybelline come to get Rose and Marlene and bring them to visit her hometown. While there, Maybelline surprises us by saying we were going to ride bulls at her competition with her. Hopefully everyone makes it out of the competition okay!

Going Out On the Town

So as you know if you’ve read my post about our new video, The Travelin’ Gals are making a second debut in a spoof of a Parks and Rec episode Galentine’s Day. For our show, we are going to use our own characters, as puppets, in a Western town having their own Galentine’s Day. Galentine’s day is supposed to be Valentine’s Day for girls, where they basically treat themselves and do whatever they want. In our video they’re going to go to be in an Old Western town. The girls are going to visit the shooting range, the spa, have a big fancy lunch (and dinner), and will likely end up at Marlene’s for some drinks at the end of the day. I’m thinking it will be best if we use pictures for our scenes and then have the puppets move around in them. Unfortunately, because my grandpa was sick early in the week, we did not have a lot of time to meet and create our puppets and get into detail with our scene’s so my trailer is not complete yet, but will be by Monday.

Video Essay. Django Unchained.

For my video essay, I chose to do the scene from Django Unchained where Shultz and Django are trying to save Broomhilda from Candie’s plantation. The scene uses a few different techniques to enhance the moment and the story. Here’s a little summary of what I thought:

  • `The scene begins with 2 women bringing Broomhilda to Shultz room per his request earlier in the movie, and starts with soft music from Morricone. The music and candlelight, coupled with the shot reverse shot (and POV) make it seem romantic. However, if you pay attention, you notice that Shultz has a look of contempt when Ms. Candie speaks ill of Broomhilda and is surprised after seeing how beautiful Broomhilda is.
  • Broomhilda is not in the foreground or background but occupies a mid-ground in the scene and is towards the left side. This staging, coupled with her movements show how uncomfortable she is with the entire situation.
  • When Shultz opens the door, he opens it right to left which is naturally unsettling to us. This is an interesting choice, considering the audience knows he is there to save Broomhilda, so I’m not sure why he didn’t go right to left.
  • The door shuts and the music stops at the same instant which I believe is done so you only pay attention to what Shultz is saying to Broomhilda.
  • Once Shultz and Broomhilda are in the room alone, they are in the center of the screen and Broomhilda and Shultz are in the same ground, which suggests an equality between them. The shot then pans to the right, which based on Ebert’s thoughts, is where the future lives. I believe that the pan to the right is indicative of Shultz being a big part of Broomhilda’s future. Throughout the scene, there is symmetry – Broomhilda sets the candlabra in the center of the table, the bed is in the center of the room, They’re centered in the room when he hands her a drink. I think this staging and the shots where you are just barely looking down at Shultz help Broomhilda realize that she’s on the same level as him and even has slight power over him (he must respect her because his partner is Django).
  • Shultz tries to reassure Broomhilda that he does not want to have sex with her by telling her that and performing subtle acts that support it. He makes the bed and puts on his vest and jacket.

Overall, this scene is an important part of the movie. The shots used, coupled with the actions in the scene that you may miss because you’re reading subtitles or listening to them speak show that Tohline was right; you can miss a lot of detail because you are just watching the movie but not looking or reading it. Looking at the composition of a scene (lighting, staging, costume, etc) can help you better understand the scenes in a movie. I used Windows movie maker to add the narration to the scene.


The Return of the Traveling Girls

So my radio show group and I decided that since we had to much fun producing our radio show, why not continue and do a little puppet show. We are basing the show off of en episode of Parks and Recreation where Leslie Knope has a Galentines day ( in lieu of Valentine’s Day) with her favorite people. For our puppet show, we are going to have our characters, Marlene, Rose and Maybelline, go on a Galentine’s day with a western twist.

We are thinking that for their Galentine’s day, we will go a shooting range to perfect our technique and then head over to the fanciest restaurant in town to have a nice big lunch. At the end of the day, we will wind down and have some drinks at Marlene’s.