It’s All in the Details

After reading Vignelli’s booklet, The Vignelli Canon, I have a newfound respect for design and people who use design in their everyday life. I realize that we use design for basically everything after reading Vignelli’s booklet. Everything from choosing a title for a paper to actually creating art is a use of design. Before reading the booklet, I never would’ve guessed that something as basic as choosing the margins, title and spacing of a paper would be considered design. It’s clear in the booklet that Vignelli loves design and has the utmost respect for it and all the elements that comes with that. I really liked what Vignelli said about semantics, syntactics, visual power, and discipline. I love that Vignelli puts such importance into the meaning of whatever is being designed and the discipline needed to create something. I really agree with his idea that discipline is needed for basically every aspect of design. Without it, a design would likely have less meaning and be less effective.

I think that the main idea I took away from the booklet is that design cannot be done without all the things mentioned. You need to have each element to create a truly effective design – the minute details/the small things are used to create the larger aspects of your design. I think that Vignelli seems to think that every choice made in creating a design is just as important as the next.

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