Travelin Gals Are Done Travelin…For Now

As everyone knows, we have been working on our radio shows the past two weeks. Sophia, Maria and I had a lot of fun coming up with ideas and recording our show. We had a little trouble coming up with an official name and we chose one last week, but decided to change it to The Travelin Gals. We originally thought that when we were actually recording, we would each go through our story and talk for a few minutes. After rehearsing for a bit, we decided to have a “host” asking us questions about our travels as well as having our characters interact with each other. We worked on everything together, using GoogleDocs and meeting on campus. We collaborated and came up with a plan, changing it accordingly.

Over all, I think everything went pretty well! We used our own bumpers and tried to use western themed commercials as well! It took us longer than expected to do the recording and we used Audacity for that. After recording, we had to take out parts where we started giggling or just sounded awkward and re-recorded. and put everything together. I think that it was really beneficial to meet all together and record everything in one swoop rather than sending each other clips, because it sounds more interactive, which is a big part of the show. We had a lot of fun with it, so I hope everyone enjoys!! Check it out on SoundCloud!

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