The Final Product

I’ve been thinking about the final project throughout the week and trying to figure out what I want to do. I was watching some SVU and How To Get Away With Murder, and thought that it would be cool to do a murder mystery type thing with a twist.

To start my story I want to begin with the killing of a young women and use an audio assignment to portray the person who finds the body and calls 911. Once the police arrive, they will investigate the crime scene and return back to the station

Once at the station, the police will create a crime board – but with a twist. The crime board is a design assignment, that will obviously come in handy for this project. I think I may actually create the crime board and potentially round up a few friends to be the detectives if they aren’t too busy. A few days after the initial murder, the police will receive a note from the killer – hinting that this was not a random event.

After receiving the letter and investigating, the police determine that the girl had gone to meet someone she had met online – and he was likely the killer. I plan to create my own Facebook page using the xray goggles (which were really cool and I want to use more of).

I’m not sure yet where I’ll go from there, but I’m hoping to get a little feedback/ constructive criticism and figure it out!


PS. My character is part of the assignment, I just haven’t told you all how yet!

3 thoughts on “The Final Product”

  1. I was going to guess that your character was the murderer, but I don’t have Marlene pegged as such. Maybe one of those fellas at the White Mule knows a thing or two about what happened…

  2. You could do a press conference as a video media. Have you ever seen on TV how like the police will do a briefing after a crime? You could do that. Dress up nice and just pretend like you are talking to the media about the crime scene and what you know of thus far; eg the killer is on the run, or that you think he will strike again.

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