Storytelling Through Audio

So I’ve listened to Moon Graffiti¬†and a few other examples of audio storytelling from previous weeks to get a better idea of how I feel about audio and storytelling. I’ve taken a couple film classes so I’ve thought about this quite a few times, though that usually involved a picture to go with the audio.

As I’m listening to Moon Graffiti in particular, I’m noticing the sharp, high pitched sounds the most. I think they add a lot to the story in terms of giving me a feeling of suspense and something kind of like fear. I also think that the way the story was recorded makes everything feel very real or authentic. I think this is due to the sound of the mic and you can hear their breathing and the scratchy sound from the mic.¬†Another great use of audio in storytelling is used during Stagecoach. While a lot of the audio is diegetic, the sound effects and music used add a lot to the movie. When the stagecoach is leaving town, for example, they play a upbeat exciting tune that adds to the excitement of the adventure. The diegetic sound also has the effect of making the story more authentic, I think.

Overall, I think a lot of the westerns I’ve seen make use of sounds from the story/in the scene which makes them feel a lot more real and authentic. Generally, I’ve noticed that they use sound effects and mood music to enhance something that’s happening in the story which I really enjoy.

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  1. Good reflection. The music within an audio clip or tv show really does impact the emotion in the listeners.

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