Seven Characters, One Story

This assignment was to make a story using 7 characters, similar to Justice League. I decided to try and create a movie idea using 7 of our characters.

One warm day, Marlene was cleaning her bar when Rose, and shortly after, Maybelline ran inside and locked the door behind them. Rose told Marlene, a man visiting from a different town recognized her from one of the wanted posters where he was from. He tried to trick her by introducing himself, but she got a weird vibe so she left. As she was leaving, she heard him whisper to his buddy “hey, isn’t that the girl from the posters back home?”. Rose left the store, running into Maybelline on the way. She quickly explained the situation to Maybelline and immediately, they thought of Marlene. Once at the tavern, Marlene helps Rose devise a plan to get out of town that night; she can go stay with Marlene’s cousin Agnus in Tombstone Arizona. The next day, Kyle and Merrell come in Marlene’s place, asking her all about the town and who lives there. She over hears them talking about finding Rose and turning her in for the reward and worries they’re bounty hunters! Will they be able to track down Rose? Can they survive long enough to get to her?

3 thoughts on “Seven Characters, One Story”

  1. Wow thats a very challenging assignment but I think you really did a good job. Must have been hard to keep track of so many different characters.

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