Radio Madness

So as everyone is aware, it’s radio show week(s)! I was originally kind of dreading this assignment – I’ve heard about it from some friends and while it sounded cool, it also sounded a little awful. I am happy to say that after brainstorming with my group I am pretty excited for the radio show that we have developing. My group and I are going to do a traveling caravan of sorts (not exactly sure what you’d call it) where we each talk about a place we’re at and how its different from our home town. We are thinking that each of our characters are running around doing their thing and talking about the new place that they are currently in. While they are in each of their respective places, they’re going to notice something – a wanted poster, an overheard story, etc – that relates to the other character in someway. We were thinking this would be cool because it would make the stories less disjointed if they connect in subtle ways to one another. I’m pretty excited to see what we’re going to come up with and I hope it’ll be good!

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