Mashed potat….songs

For this assignment I had to choose an artist and pick at least 5 of their songs and create a mashup, at least 5 minutes long. I chose to do New Politics for this because I’m fairly obsessed with them and it happened pretty quickly…I saw them live and fell in love. So while they are not my all time favorite band, they’re a current favorite for sure.

I used audacity to mix the songs and I started by listening to each song all the way through and then looking for places where I could combine them. If the time requirement was a little shorter, I definitely would’ve chosen mashing points in other places. I played around with cutting and pasting in audacity and actually had a little trouble getting it to work at first, but about 45 minutes later, I was pretty happy with the result. The last two mashes were a little rough to coordinate, but I think they still work for the most part. Hope you guys like it!


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