How To Spoil A Movie

For my tutorial, I decided to do one of my favorite assignments so far: Spoil a Movie in 30 Seconds or Less. I chose to do The Prestige, for anyone that has not seen the original post.

I first had to use my copy of The Prestige and put it into Windows Movie Maker. By clicking add video/photo and finding the file, I added The Prestige into Move Maker. The picture here shows the entire movie in Movie Maker. The right hand side is where you can watch your video and the left hand side is all the scenes, which you can select with your cursor if you want to.

Screenshot (25)

Next, I chose specific points/scenes that I wanted to use and hit split while I was selecting that part of the movie. Once your cursor is selecting a section of the movie, there is an edit button at the top of the screen. Under this tab, the split button can be used to separate the scene into to parts. I split the movie again once I was at the end of the section I wanted to use so it created it’s own “section” which can be moved around with your cursor. The first picture below shows the black bar used to select the point in the movie and the split button. The second shows the resulting split of the movie into two sections.

Screenshot (26)

Screenshot (28)

You can select and press “delete” on your keyboard to get rid of scenes that you do not want to use. Once I had the scenes selected that I wanted to use, I deleted the parts that I did not need for the assignment and had only the scenes I wanted left.

Screenshot (29)

The final product was a little longer than it was supposed to be – but I think it turned out very well. You can find it here!

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