Finding Design In Your Daily Life

So as I walked/drove around this week from classes to work to hanging out with my friends, I tried to look around for elements of design for the Design Blitz. I found a few different things that were examples of dominance, and definitely a lot of symbols (from street signs, bathroom symbols in stores/restaurants).

For my example of balance, I chose a drawing my roommate made. I think the picture as a whole is beautiful and the shapes and everything in it work very well together. As you can see from the picture, it works for color and proportion as well as dominance, but I thought the balance was my favorite thing about it. I think that everything just looks like it’s where it is meant to be.


For proportion, I chose to use a picture I took of a table I created at work. I had to make up this table entirely so I’m pretty proud of it. I tried to make everything symmetrical and used the colors on the lids to make everything flow together. I also decided to change the height for different levels which adds to proportion because it makes everything look like it pyramids (not sure if that’s the right word..)


For symbols, I took this picture while I was driving (stopped, of course). I chose it because you can see three pretty important street signs that only use symbols; the u-turn sign, the sign that indicates there is a median and the sign indicating there is a light ahead. While it is not the best example of symbols in design, I think it is pretty important to note the design of street signs.


For dominance, I chose this picture I took when I was in DC earlier in the week. I chose this one because I looked down over the railing and obviously only saw the duck. I really like it because its a simple picture and you can see the ducks foot under the water if you look carefully.

20151220_154145 (2)

For minimalism, I was sitting on the couch and noticed a different roommates sports coffee mug. I chose it because the design is very simple and straightforward, the symbol for the team is on the mug while the name of the team is on the handle. It’s a very simple design, but it looks really nice.


Finally, for typography I chose this picture of an inspirational quote in my doctors office. I really liked the way the type was used in the picture and then also in the background of the plaque itself. I think everything in the picture flows well together and I like that whoever designed it used 2 different fonts for the words.




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