Edward Scissorhands

This assignment was a lot of fun! I had to create a minimalist movie poster. I chose to do Edward Scissorhands. In order to try and capture the meaning of the movie, I decided to use his scissorhand (because obviously, that’s what the movie is about). In paint, I pasted the image I found on google and cut around them to fit them onto the poster. I chose a dark red for the font to go with the destruction aspect of the movie (and all the blood). I had a great time creating it and it took me longer than expected to decide exactly what I wanted to do. I thought about having his scissor hand go through some type of barrier but realized my skills are not advanced enough to make that look good yet (maybe another time). Here’s the final product:


1 thought on “Edward Scissorhands”

  1. I love how intricate this is. It is quite eye-catching to have that piece as the lone image on the poster.

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