Dabbling In Web Design

For my web re-design I decided to use an Amazon page of a cookbook and change it to be opposite of what it should be. I used the cookbook Healthy Cookbook for Two and made it an unhealthy cookbook. I changed the name of the book to Unhealthy Cookbook For You and Your Significant Others, which is a little lengthy, but I liked it. I changed the author of the book to be myself and changed the suggestions to other unhealthy cookbooks as well. I could now change the section under From the Editors of The NY Times…or I would have changed it and made it include more information on the unhealthy books. You can find the live page here, but I noticed that it looked weird so I also included these screenshots of it. I wish I could’ve done a little more but I couldn’t change a lot on this page unfortunately.

Screenshot (32)

Screenshot (33)

I took both of these screenshots

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