Calling All Archers!

For the assignment, I had to create a poster for a camp I went to. To incorporate my character and Sophia’s character, Rose, I decided to create a little backstory for the friendship hinted at in our Radio Show. When we were younger, Rose and I both attended archery camp and became quick friends. Rose quickly realized how good she was at archery and is likely using some of that skill now, as an outlaw. I was never very good at archery, so while I still have my bow and arrow, I don’t bring them out very often. Here’s the poster for our camp!

I decided to keep the design pretty straightforward, so I actually found a picture from my middle school when we did archery week in PE. I used that and in Paint, added the name and time of the camp.

(note: it looks a little blurry because my original was fairly small so I made it a little larger/easier to see here)


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