Behind the Scenes: The Murder Most Foul

I chose to do a little behind the scenes for my final just to discuss how everything was done. I was going to put it in the most with my final, but I thought that would be kinda distracting/annoying. To begin, I first thought of a general story line which was part of last weeks post about my progress. Once I did that, I created the different types of media. I used writing, visual, web, and audio assignments in my final product.

For the first part, I created the audio of Marlene’s death and the following 911 call. I used sounds from the stock sound site we used earlier in the course. It begins with the sound of horses and then a person walking into Marlene’s tavern. You hear a scream and then hear Marlene being shot followed by screams from the crowd and a frantic 911 call.

Next, I created a haiku that acted as a note from Marlene’s killer. The note ends up being a little ironic because it leads to the killers capture. The haiku was fun to make also!

After those I created a web page for the killer. I used XRay Goggles to change Facebook as much as I could. This was a challenge because there was so much going on on Facebook that I couldn’t change as much as I would’ve liked. I had to take a screen shot and do a lot of editing in photoshop to change names (on chat) and the picture.

For the final piece of media, I created a crime board of the suspect and his other acquaintances. The police realize he is part of a large crime ring, so the board got a little larger than I originally planned on. I used stock images from Google for the people and made up some names for a couple guys. Many people do not have names because they are unknown as of their investigation.

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