The Puppet Show

So we finished filming and editing the puppet show and it turned out alright! We had a little trouble with some of the sound because we were outside, but it turned out okay. As I mentioned in the post before, we are in some of the shots because we had a lot of trouble trying to figure out how to move around for certain parts and keep everything fairly steady. There was also trouble with the camera being used portrait and landscape style – we switch between them and realize now that it would’ve been more cohesive if we’d stuck to landscape. We really had a lot of fun filming though, so I hope everyone enjoys it!


3 New Creates

This week, we had to do 3 daily creates (as everyone knows, I’m sure). I did Wednesday, Thursday and Friday’s creates, though Friday was a day late.

For Wednesday, we got to create an ACME product for the Coyote. I chose to put a new spin on a stopwatch and make it possible to slow down time! I drew a little poster for it to promote it


For Thursday, we had to re-create Monument Valley to make it surrealistic. I chose to change the coloring/lighting a little bit and then add some light swirls to make it seem like it came out of Star Wars. Here’s the final product:

Friday (April fools) we had to take a serious selfie. I took a selfie at the hospital, visiting my grandpa. There’s some pretty interesting scenery in the background (not).


A Traveling Gals Adventure: Filming the Puppet Show

So last week, the Travelin Gals decided to reunite and create a puppet show based on the Galentine’s Day episode of Parks and Recreation. We talked a lot about what we were going to do and how to do it, and in the end we did not exactly do a Galentine’s Day, but we did a loose Western interpretation of one. We decided that Maybelline was going to come and see Rose and Marlene and convince them to come ride bulls with her at a competition. To make our puppets more “Western” we printed out cowboy hats for each of them and also tried to talk in the same accents as in the radio show.

When filming, we had our friend film us and we were going to try and film everything so that you could not see us, but we had trouble finding a good location that would also allow us to change scenery. To do what we wanted, we had to just keep ourselves included in some of the scenes. We did our own type of “Galentine’s” day and have Maybelline come to get Rose and Marlene and bring them to visit her hometown. While there, Maybelline surprises us by saying we were going to ride bulls at her competition with her. Hopefully everyone makes it out of the competition okay!