Seven Characters, One Story

This assignment was to make a story using 7 characters, similar to Justice League. I decided to try and create a movie idea using 7 of our characters.

One warm day, Marlene was cleaning her bar when Rose, and shortly after, Maybelline ran inside and locked the door behind them. Rose told Marlene, a man visiting from a different town recognized her from one of the wanted posters where he was from. He tried to trick her by introducing himself, but she got a weird vibe so she left. As she was leaving, she heard him whisper to his buddy “hey, isn’t that the girl from the posters back home?”. Rose left the store, running into Maybelline on the way. She quickly explained the situation to Maybelline and immediately, they thought of Marlene. Once at the tavern, Marlene helps Rose devise a plan to get out of town that night; she can go stay with Marlene’s cousin Agnus in Tombstone Arizona. The next day, Kyle and Merrell come in Marlene’s place, asking her all about the town and who lives there. She over hears them talking about finding Rose and turning her in for the reward and worries they’re bounty hunters! Will they be able to track down Rose? Can they survive long enough to get to her?

Calling All Archers!

For the assignment, I had to create a poster for a camp I went to. To incorporate my character and Sophia’s character, Rose, I decided to create a little backstory for the friendship hinted at in our Radio Show. When we were younger, Rose and I both attended archery camp and became quick friends. Rose quickly realized how good she was at archery and is likely using some of that skill now, as an outlaw. I was never very good at archery, so while I still have my bow and arrow, I don’t bring them out very often. Here’s the poster for our camp!

I decided to keep the design pretty straightforward, so I actually found a picture from my middle school when we did archery week in PE. I used that and in Paint, added the name and time of the camp.

(note: it looks a little blurry because my original was fairly small so I made it a little larger/easier to see here)


Week 8: Perfecting the Show

So this week was a lot of editing and recording for the audio show, in addition to the daily creates. I think the radio shows are a great idea and I’m pretty excited to see what others have come up with. I know one group has a murder mystery theme – which I am especially excited for. I wonder if I’ll be able to figure out who it is!

I think that our show turned out really well! As mentioned in my post about our progress, we worked well together and collaborated with basically everything. Sophia and Maria did a little editing without me, but I also did a little without them simply because of scheduling conflicts. It was fun to produce and we changed our original plan slightly once recording, but what we came up with definitely flows better.

We had to do only 2 daily creates this week, which was nice because the show was quite a bit of work. My daily creates were both fairly straightforward and simple this week, but the tongue twister did take a little time to get perfected. I was having trouble coming up with a place that started with an L to finish up the twister, and then I was like oh duh, LA. The other daily create was to come up with a cowboys thoughts from a picture of a cowboy looking at a snow covered area.

Finally, we finished up producing our radio show. The final product can be found here. The past 2 weeks doing the radio show were really exciting, and this week in particular it was nice to have some time off (in terms of the amount of work) to be able to focus on the show.


Happy 8th week everyone!

The Travelin Gals/Girls

We have finished the radio show and I think everything turned out great! We used a few commercials that were western themed and used our characters for the show. Marlene, Maybelline and Rose are 3 girls from the same place who are on a radio show after they’ve gone traveling. Each one of us visited a different place. Our host, Russell, asks us a few questions about where we’ve been and what we plan on doing next. There is some intro and closing music as well! Enjoy 🙂


Travelin Gals Are Done Travelin…For Now

As everyone knows, we have been working on our radio shows the past two weeks. Sophia, Maria and I had a lot of fun coming up with ideas and recording our show. We had a little trouble coming up with an official name and we chose one last week, but decided to change it to The Travelin Gals. We originally thought that when we were actually recording, we would each go through our story and talk for a few minutes. After rehearsing for a bit, we decided to have a “host” asking us questions about our travels as well as having our characters interact with each other. We worked on everything together, using GoogleDocs and meeting on campus. We collaborated and came up with a plan, changing it accordingly.

Over all, I think everything went pretty well! We used our own bumpers and tried to use western themed commercials as well! It took us longer than expected to do the recording and we used Audacity for that. After recording, we had to take out parts where we started giggling or just sounded awkward and re-recorded. and put everything together. I think that it was really beneficial to meet all together and record everything in one swoop rather than sending each other clips, because it sounds more interactive, which is a big part of the show. We had a lot of fun with it, so I hope everyone enjoys!! Check it out on SoundCloud!

The Newest Creations

This week we had to complete 2 daily creates. I chose to create a tongue twister and make up thoughts that a man from a picture was having.

For the tongue twister, we had to look at the ds106 hashtag on twitter and find someone who was on their. I chose Lindsey and made a tongue twister using L’s. I wanted to make it a little longer, but it was not easy to come up with L words in a long string. I do like the final product though!

I also tweeted a cowboys thoughts. I was looking at the snow and the hills and I kind of got the idea that this cowboy was surveying the area around him to try and figure out where/what he was going to do next. I figured he would travel with some horses, so the height of the snow was definitely a concern.

I’m excited to see what’s in store this week for daily creates!